Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day

It's kind of a big deal if ice and snow are predicted in the south. Last Saturday, schools and businesses were already deciding to close on Monday for an "ice storm" that was predicted for Sunday night. Weelllll...we didn't really have much of an ice storm...Don't get me wrong, the weather today was crappy! It was rainy, freezing cold and windy all day...but not nearly as bad as predicted. Anyway- I drove 30 minutes to work this morning only to find out that not one person was there, guess I missed that memo! I had brought breakfast for everyone too, ha! More food for me....) Sooo...I turned around and went home. Frank is off work on Mondays so we got a lot done today, namely appliance shopping.

We don't currently have any appliances, so a refrigerator, washer and dryer were on the tops of our list. Today we ordered a new washer/dryer, and bought a new fridge and dishwasher! YAY! I can finally cook again and not smell like poo from wearing stinky clothes all the time (I kid...well, sort of).

Our new fridge
I can't wait to fill it up with food because I am so tired of eating wears on you!

I've been thinking about the kitchen...I really like the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and lighting and I was thinking it might clash with the stainless steel appliances, but after looking a bit online, it seems to be sort of "in" right now to mix it all up. We know for sure that the kitchen will have dark hardwood floors and stainless steel, so I'm thinking I might do a cream color for the cabinets; if I get really ambitious might try doing a cream color with chocolate glaze like this:

It's kind of old world looking, I'm starting to notice that I'm leaning a little towards the rustic look when it comes to the kitchen.

I love the dark brown island with lighter colored cabinets

Just toying around with ideas now- it's fun to dream...but I'm sure this will change about 1 million times before we decide for sure. Off to watch the rest of the Auburn/Oregon game :) Goodnight!

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