Monday, February 25, 2013

40 weeks - still no baby!

As I predicted, I am now due with no baby in sight! That's I said before, I've been telling myself that I will be overdue since day 1, so it really doesn't bother me too much. Although we are getting pretty anxious to meet this little one!

At my appt. last Wednesday I had no change from the week before (also as I expected!), and the Dr. was like "see you next Wednesday!" Haha. Maybe things will get rolling this week, we'll see. I've been keeping myself pretty busy, so the days have actually been going by pretty quickly! This week I've been working on preparing a bunch of crockpot meals to store in the freezer that I, or Frank, can just plop in the crockpot and cook. It's taking more time than I thought it would, but we will appreciate it in a few weeks, I'm sure!

This past weekend we went to Auburn and had dinner with some friends, which was a lot of fun. We didn't get home until 2 AM! I am honestly surprised I made it out that long...I keep hoping that staying active and going about my normal life (instead of sitting around all day) will help the baby come, but no such luck yet. I was out running a whole bunch of errands today and it was pretty fun telling all the strangers who asked that I am due "TODAY!". The looks on some of their faces was so sense staying at home waiting for things to happen. I got adjusted by the chiropractor this morning and asked him to work some magic, but so far I have felt nothing. Going to the chiropractor regularly during this pregnancy has probably been the best decision ever. I have literally had NO back/hip pain and have slept pretty good at night except for a few pee breaks. I am convinced it's because of the chiropractor visits.

That's about all I have for today. Maybe next time we'll have a baby announcement....maybe. Still not getting my hopes up! Can't wait to meet our little bundle soon :)

40 weeks. C'mon baby! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

39 + 1 - still pregnant

6 days until the due date! Pretty sure Baby Prokop is nice and snuggly in there and not really thinking about joining the outside world yet! I would bet I'm still pregnant on my due date, which is the 25th. Not really feeling miserable, I can deal with that. No labor signs, except some braxton hicks here and there....but really it hasn't increased at all in the past few weeks. My doctor will let me go over the due date about 10 days, maybe a few more if everything looks good. I'd say that March 11th would be the absolute LATEST this baby could get here, I seriously hope I'm not pregnant that much longer! I really want to avoid being induced if at all possible, but if it gets to that point I will be all for it.

I've been walking a lot lately, maybe that will help move things along. I have another doctor appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if there is any "progress". This is my first week completely feels weird not working, but it has been so nice to be able to relax and get some things done at home, and hang out with Frank a lot. We've been going out to eat and having little dates as much as possible :). Last week was Valentine's Day...3 years ago Frank asked me to marry him and here we are expecting our first child any day - exciting!

Here are some photos from a Monster Truck show we went to last weekend:
Monster trucks!

39 weeks (yes, that is cotton candy I am holding, and yes, it was delicious!)
Well, I wish there was more to report....but there hasn't been much going on around here! Maybe my next post will be a baby post (but don't get your hopes up just yet!).

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

38 weeks

1 week and 6 days until my due date. Pretty sure I'm not going into labor anytime soon! I feel like I'm not even close to having this baby...but we'll see. In a perfect world - I will feel totally normal, wake up one day and be in labor (preferably before my due date or not long after), have a super fast labor and then have a baby. Hm...what do you think the chances are that it will go down like that? In my dreams maybe...trying to stay positive! I'm starting to get a little freaked out about labor, mostly just the idea that it could last a really long time. As long as it's fast-ish I think I can deal with it. Trying not to think about it much because there's really not much I can do about it right now!

In other news, it's been raining here NON-STOP since Sunday afternoon...that's 48 hours of rain and counting. Doen't look like it's stopping anytime soon, either. This past Friday was technically my last full-day at work...I am going in for a few hours here and there this week, though. On Friday night Frank and I went to this new bar downtown called Aviator Bar.  It felt good to get out and hang out with friends, won't get to do that quite as often pretty soon! Frank and I (mostly Frank) have just gotten on this "Walking Dead" kick and watched Season 1 this weekend. Looks like we'll be spending our last few days/weeks without baby watching zombies! Haha.  I did a bunch of baby laundry the past few days, and put the carseat base in my car...Part of me can't believe this is actually happening! I still think it won't really hit me until the baby is here :)

I joke around with Frank all the time that the baby wants out! Really, he/she does. Every day the movements get stronger and stronger and sometimes it literally feels like the baby is trying to push his/her way out through my stomach. It's uncomfortable, but I still love it. I always heard babies slow down and don't move as much towards the end, not the case with this little one! We are ready when the baby is!

38 weeks.

Monday, February 4, 2013

37 weeks

I suppose this is considered full-term according to some people, but I don't think the baby has any intentions of coming before the due date! I still feel like I could be forever away from giving birth, but it's fun to think that it will probably be happening in a few weeks. Overall I'm feeling good. I guess my symptoms right now are tiredness, braxton-hicks here and there, achiness (not bad, though), some insomnia, & hungry all the time! Also, my stomach itches SO.FREAKING.BAD. It just started about a week ago and has been getting worse. Pretty sure it's because my skin is stretched to the limit! Still moisturizing like crazy and it helps a little, but the itching drives me insane. At least I only have to deal with it a few weeks, I've heard of some people having this issue the whole time! 

This week is my last week as a workin' woman before I venture out into the unknown world of stay at home wife/mommy. Not gonna lie, I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm super excited to be able to have the opportunity to stay at home and raise our baby, and at this point I'm really looking forward to not having to get up and go to work every morning. However, I have a feeling I will miss working eventually...but probably not anytime real soon!

This past weekend I finished up a few baby related things, bags are packed for the hospital (basic stuff anyway), and I bought a few boy & girl outfits so we'll have at least a few gender specific things for the first week or two. I think we're pretty much set at this point. I'm feeling pretty calm about how our lives are about to change, just enjoying the last few weeks and not feeling too anxious yet. I'm so ready to meet this little guy/girl, but I'm in no rush to hurry things along just yet. 

The baby cracks me up because he/she seems soooo squished in there and body parts are constantly poking out making my stomach look totally deformed. Every time I push the body part back in he/she pushes it back even harder. Today I had a foot or elbow sticking out at least an inch or more and it was so funny looking. Poor baby, all squished up in there :(...not too much longer! 

37 weeks