Tuesday, August 28, 2012

14 weeks + 1 day + 2nd Anniversary

Today I am 14 weeks + 1 day, and it's Frank's and I's 2nd wedding anniversary! He did make it home late Friday night and completely surprised me. I didn't expect him back until Sunday, but he showed up at 2AM late Friday night...completely unexpected surprise and I am so glad he is home! We spent the weekend doing basically nothing, and it was awesome.

Not a lot of new stuff happening this week. I feel great. Eating a ton, as usual. Pretty much no changes from last week. Frank likes to talk to the baby, even though he/she can't hear yet...it's really funny, though. I'm pretty sure that the baby is going to be totally scared of Frank when he/she is born! Haha. Here is a photo of me today and also a little video of me using the doppler to hear the heartbeat!

What are you doing in there baby?

14 weeks, please excuse the lack of makeup....it's very rare that I'm actually wearing it anymore!

Feeling very blessed this anniversary...I can't believe it's been 2 years since we got married. In a way it's flown by, but in a way it feels like we've been together forever and it was a million years ago. Frank and I are going out for dinner after he gets home. It's crazy how much more you can fall in love with someone in 2 years :)

I'm going to try and post a few photos from Frank's trip to Europe soon. He took a TON of them. I'm really surprised...usually he comes home with 2 photos on his iPhone, but this time he took a camera and camcorder and had a lot of photos and videos to show me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

13 weeks- 2nd trimester!

13 weeks! It feels weird to think that the first trimester is already over, it went by pretty quickly for the most part. This past week I have felt great! I have pretty much all of my energy back, besides from a day or two here or there...but nothing too excessive. I stayed awake until 1:30 am on Sat. night and I was so proud of myself! I even watched a late night movie and didn't get heavy eyes! That's progress from the 6:30 PM bedtime that was happening there for a few weeks. I don't really have any complaints from the past week or two...the mild symptoms that I do have are subsiding considerably :)

I had my 2nd prenatal appointment today. I have gained about 1.5-2 pounds since my last appt. a month ago....not surprising since I have been doing some SERIOUS eating lately. The baby's heart rate was about 167. I never had bloodwork done at my first appt, so they drew some blood for that as well. It was a fast appointment, I was in and out in 30 minutes. My next appointment will be in 5 weeks. They are going to do the anatomy ultrasound and we could potentially find out the gender if we wanted to, but we aren't going to. The doctor asked if we were going to find out and I told him we weren't...he was excited! He said that makes it a lot more fun for them because they get to announce at the birth, and that doesn't happen very often at all anymore. I am super excited to see the baby again.

Here is a photo of my pretty much non-existent baby "bump", I guess you could say. Or maybe it's baby bloat? I'm still not really sure. All I know is that in the morning it's just a little pouch and it gets bigger throughout the day and looks like this before I go to bed. I only have about 2 pairs of jeans that I don't need to use my belly band with, otherwise it's really uncomfortable if I button them. Of course, no one can really tell besides me (unless I'm wearing something really tight). But, my stomach is definitely larger than it was, for sure. I know that this is just my uterus pushing everything up higher, because the baby is definitely not where the bump is!

13 weeks belly bloat/bump/too many donuts??

 Frank has been delayed in Romania, so he won't be back until....well, who knows? He's waiting with a broken jet in Spain and it could be a week or more depending on when they can get it fixed. He wasn't originally supposed to fly a jet back, but turns out that he is. I just hope he's home before our anniversary next Tuesday! I'm not getting my hopes up, though. I really can't wait to see him, by the time he gets home he will probably have been gone a month. It's not as fun being pregnant without Frank here to pamper me (ha!). Really, though...he is so awesome and has been really great throughout the pregnancy so far. I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with him, that's really what I miss the most. I want him here to share the experience with me, it's fun to see him so excited. He is going to be such a good daddy. 

Besides "working" in Romania, this past week Frank went to a CFR Cluj soccer match, and has driven the Transalpina , which he said was an awesome/gorgeous drive. I'm slightly jealous.

Here are a few photos of Frank flying in the Mig-21 (Romanian jet). He was able to have 2 rides and had a blast. I got him a Go-Pro camera for his birthday and he got some really cool video as well, maybe I can post those when he gets back.

Frank posted this on his Facebook and one of our friends asked him if this was the highway to the danger zone...Hahahaha! Yes, yes this is the highway to the danger zone.

Frank's in the backseat

Frank in a Mig-21

Monday, August 13, 2012

12 weeks

The babe is growing! Finally in the last week of the first trimester. Baby seems to be doing good in there...I just ate most of a frozen pizza (not my proudest moment...but, it happned) and listened for the heartbeat with my doppler right afterwards. I found it immediately...I think baby Prokop likes pizza, just a guess. Finding the heartbeat is getting super easy now. The baby should be about 3 inches long, so I'm betting that's why he/she is easier to find.

Frank is still in Romania and won't be back until around the 22nd...booo! Oh well, I really shouldn't complain. Three weeks is a walk in the park compared to how long some people have to be away from their spouse in the military.  He was able to go do a little exploring last weekend. He and some friends went to Sibiu and Brasov. They were also able to check out Transfagarasan, they really wanted to do these roads by motorcycles, but they weren't able to rent any. They also went to a castle, I believe it was Dracula's Castle. Yesterday at "work" he flew in one of the Romanian jets, a Mig 21, I'm sure he had a blast and it was probably a highlight of his trip.

Other than that, there hasn't been much more excitement going on around here. We are trying to come up with a "babymoon" plan. Thinking of a big vacation in October-ish? Maybe later. I'm not sure where I want to go, but I've thrown around some ideas in the Caribbean, Belize, Maui....and Iceland. Yeah, not sure what I was thinking when I was looking into going to Iceland in October. I really want to go, but Oct/Nov probably isn't the best time! It seems most businesses and tours shut down for the winter around Sept./Oct., so that's pretty much off the table now. Too bad, maybe some other time!

Oh yes, sooooo.....the Olympics are now over and I'm wondering what to do with all my spare time. Then I remembered....SHARK WEEK! Yes! I am convinced that Shark Week is strategically placed right after the Olympics so as to suck in everyone who has been glued to the TV for the past 3 weeks. Well, it worked.

Monday, August 6, 2012

11 weeks

How far along? 11 weeks

How big is baby?
1.5-2 inches long, .25-.5 ounce...growing! Fig week.

Total weight gain/loss
: Still hovering around 0, maybe +1 pound...wondering when that's going to change because I have been eating A LOT! Like, more than it should be legal to eat, seriously! Someone take this carton of ice cream and hide it! It's getting out of control.

Maternity clothes?
Nope! Still rocking my normal clothes, but 9 times out of 10 I have a hair band holding the button closed...shhh! Dresses are my friend.

Bump? There's a small one. You can only tell if I'm wearing something really tight, most of the time you can't tell at all. I can tell that my stomach is rounder and getting firm...eek! It's definitely not as flat as it was before. Since I'm pretty tall and thin, I think it will be a while before I show since the baby has a lot of room in there.

Sleep: Back to my normal sleeping schedule. There were a few weeks were the sleeping got a little ridiculous, as in 14+ hours a day. Sleeping on my side most of the time now, just because it's more comfortable. I'm noticing that I wake up earlier on my own and it's hard to go back asleep. Kind of frustrating on the weekends because I know my days of sleeping in are coming to an end pretty soon, and I'd like to enjoy it while I can! But nope, waking up at 6:30 no matter what day it is and it's impossible to sleep in.

Best moment this week:
Probably listening to the heartbeat on the doppler. That's always the highlight of the day or week! Best sound ever. It's been staying around 170ish, sooo "they" say that higher heart rates mean girl, but I don't really believe in that. I still thinking we are probably having a boy! But, who really knows? Also- bought my first onsie sleeper at Kohl's this past weekend :). Since we aren't finding out the gender I'm going to buy whatever cute gender neutral stuff I can find since it's so hit and miss. Can't wait until the baby is here and I can do some real clothes shopping :)

Most Ridiculous Moment of the week: On Saturday I was really, REALLY jonesing for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream so I drove to Publix and bought some, with some sugar waffle cones (of course!). On drive home from the grocery store I was soooo excited that I busted out in come crazy made up song about how the baby wanted some ice cream. I was singing it at the top of my lungs and doing a little happy dance in the car while I was driving. It was the funniest song ever, and I was seriously cracking myself up. I swear, pregnancy is making me insane! Thank goodness no one was there to witness the ridiculousness!

Worst moment this week: Having to leave mass early for the 2nd Sunday in a row due to almost fainting. I've found out that it seems to happen when I'm kneeling or right after. Everything goes completely black, noise is muffled, I get really hot, sweaty, and dizzy and feel like I can't breathe. It really sucks. I had to leave before Communion this past Sunday, that was a bummer. I was at Mass by myself and didn't want to risk making a scene and passing out during Communion with no one there to catch me!

Food cravings
: Everything. Ice cream. Salty things. Sweet things. Peanut Butter. Cheese. Fruit. You name it and I probably want it.

Food Aversions
: None this week, they seem to be going away, thank goodness! I ate eggs for breakfast and it didn't gross me out...woohoo! Thinking about eating steaks or chicken (by themselves) still kind of makes me feel a little weird, but it's better than it was. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:
  Hungry, tired sometimes, headaches off and on, thirsty & peeing all the time! Feeling generally lazy and unproductive 24/7.

What I miss
: My husband! Feeling energetic and productive. And wine...mmm...wine.

What I am looking forward to
: Frank coming home from Romania in 2 weeks. Also looking forward to actually showing and not just looking like I've had too many beers.

Upcoming appointments/events:
  Next appt. is Aug 20th, and it's just a standard appt. No ultrasound :(.

Resolve for the upcoming week: Eating healthier. Now that the weird food aversions are mostly gone, I am going to start eating better. I did a big grocery run and stocked up on a ton of veggies, fruit, and meat. Looking forward to healthier eating!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One on the way

Soooo...we are expecting!! Baby P will be making his or her debut around February 25! We are soo excited. A couple of things have been going on since my last post....which was FOREVER ago. Looks like I took a little summer hiatus from posting, but I plan on getting back into it. Especially to write about pregnancy things and keep everyone posted :)

Since the last post:

*Settled into the RV
*House sat for a few weeks
*Went to Destin for a couple of days over Memorial Day weekend with some friends, decided we were having too much fun to go back to work on Tuesday, so we drove to Atlanta afterwards and stayed in Buckhead a night and met up with some friends! It was an awesome weekend
*Recuperated from a year and a half of house renovations...
*Went to a military dining out (fancy dinner- It was interesting stepping out of an RV in a formal gown!
*Flew to Michigan for Frank's cousin's wedding and his sisters baby shower
*Day after we got home from Michigan...found out we were pregnant!
*Another weekend in Destin with some friends
*Looked at a few houses, actually put an offer on one that needed some renovations
*Decided that a house probably wasn't a good idea right now for various reasons, revoked the offer (that was close!)
*4th of July on Lake Martin
*Zap's retirement party at the squadron, sad to see him go!
*Moved out of the RV and into an apartment
*First pre-natal appointment, awesome!
*Frank leaves for Romania for 3 weeks :(... (this was today)

I was pregnant in this photo and had no clue.

Going back to the pregnancy...I'm 10 and a half weeks right now. Things have been great for the most part, so far the worst was around 6-8 weeks. I never got super nauseous or threw up (besides the day I found out...that's how I knew to take a test!), but I felt pretty bad. Super, suuuuuper tired, food aversions, starving, general blah feeling. I think I was going to bed around 6:30 PM for about a week straight. I'm doing much better now, not nearly as tired as I was, and feeling much more normal. Some days I feel so normal that I have to remind myself that I am actually pregnant! Frank has been such a blessing and has been doing so much to keep things going at the house, cooking meals, cleaning, letting me sleep my life away there for a while, making sure I'm comfortable all the time...I feel super lucky to have him :)

The first appointment was on July 21 and I was exactly 9 weeks. The ultrasound went great and we got to see the little guy/girl squirming around in there, little heart beating away at 184! It was really awesome and such a relief. Some people don't know, but we had a missed miscarriage soon after we got married, and it was hard to not worry until I saw a healthy baby in there. It took about a year and a half after the miscarriage to get pregnant again, so I was definitely a little nervous. I still am, but I'm feeling much more confidant this time around. One thing that has helped, I bought a doppler to hear the heartbeat at home. I honestly didn't really know if it would actually work or not, but it does! I found the heartbeat at home around 9.5 weeks and I've had no trouble finding it since. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that all is well in the belly :). It is seriously the coolest thing ever to be able to hear the heartbeat at home. No belly yet...starting to feel like I'm getting a little rounder in the stomach region, but no one but me can really tell yet. Pants are feeling tighter, though...I have a feeling the big girl pants will be coming out soon! Frank asks me daily if I need big girl pants yet, hahaha.

9 week ultrasound! Little legs and feet to the left and big head to the right :)
Basically, we are ecstatic, and praying everything goes well from here on out.  We love reading about the baby developing and growing every week, can't wait to have our little one here! This week is lime week! I can't believe the baby is about 2 inches long! We won't be finding out the sex...which should be interesting. Frank is thinking girl and I have a feeling it's a boy, but honestly...I have no idea. We will be so happy either way. It's going to be a surprise for sure!