Monday, November 21, 2011

2 weekends

The weekend before last I flew to the Bahamas, Treasure Cay in Abacos, with some of my coworkers. It was a great time, we were there Thursday through Sunday and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful beaches. It was somewhat of a girls weekend too :). Our former boss flew us out there in his Piper Cheyenne…it spoiled me because now I REALLY want a small plane and to learn how to fly. We flew direct from Montgomery and landed in the Bahamas 2 hours later, it was pretty much awesome. No big airports, no security lines. 


I love the color of the water!

Walk along the beach

While I was soaking up some rays, Frank had a pretty eventful weekend too. It was Veteran’s day weekend, so he lead an F-16 flyover in downtown Montgomery for the Veteran’s Day parade that Friday. On Saturday he went to Athens, GA and did the flyover for the Auburn/Georgia football game. 

Frank is in the red hat

Frank hanging with Brittan on the sidelines

View from the field (second jet from the left is Frank)

He always does the fun stuff while I’m gone :(. I wish I could have been there with him in person, but at least I got to see some videos and photos. Below is the coverage from CBS.

This past weekend we worked all day Saturday and Sunday and managed to paint the fireplace, cut and glue beadboard around the island, work on the “man-closet”, clean the pool (I swear all the leaves that fell out of our neighbors tree fell into our pool), mow, choose tile for the hallway bathroom, do some car maintenance and cleaning, make multiple trips to home improvement stores, and a lot of other little things. Probably one of the more productive weekends we’ve had in a while. The hallway bathroom renovation will be starting Dec. 5th (tentatively), pretty excited about that! Once the hallway bath is done, the only major renovation left is the master bath…that’s going to be a big one too… was a peachy tan color, yuck.

Although I don't LOVE painted fireplaces, this definitely beats the peachy color!

Gluing beadboard to the island

Beadboard is finally on the island, still have to add the trim...and I guess we'll be repainting the cabinets to match! Yes, our kitchen is a disaster area.
Today Frank is in Birmingham kayaking and mountain biking with one of his friends, must be nice to have all Monday’s off! Ha. He made me breakfast this morning, so I can’t complain too much….Even after I annoyed him with the alarm this morning by pressing snooze for 50 minutes!! I must have been out of it, because I only remember pressing snooze once. I am now on a 2-3 snooze limit...haha.

We both have a short week because of Thanksgiving, and we will be making the drive up to Michigan on Wednesday afternoon/Thurs. morning. I’m taking next Monday off, so we won’t be heading home until Monday morning. Can’t wait to eat some turkey and pumpkin pie!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just an update :)

It’s been a while since I posted so I figured I should play a little catch up!

We went to TX for my best friend’s wedding on Oct. 28-31, soo happy for my friend Cathy and her great catch, Ricky! They are such a cute couple and I can’t wait for my next trip to Vegas to visit them! The wedding was at the Kemp Center for the Arts in downtown Wichita Falls. For those of you who grew up in WF, do you remember when that was the public library? That was the first time I had been in that building since they moved the library…I’m thinking probably around 1994ish? It looks completely different inside, but some things are in the same place (like the downstairs restrooms). Brought back tons of memories, we used to go to the library a lot when I was a kid. 

The bride and I

After the wedding we spent all day Sunday hanging out with the family, and then drove back to DFW that night with our friends Joey and Nate since we were flying back early in the morning on Monday. We saw Paranormal Activity 3…wasn’t that impressed. Of course, it doesn’t take much to scare me, but the story line wasn’t really that great. Maybe it’s because I had my eyes closed during 75% of the movie…ha.

Halloween night we were back in Montgomery, so we handed out candy to all the neighborhood kids. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve actually handed out Halloween candy. I obviously didn’t prepare well, because I only had 2 bags of candy and it was gone in about .5 seconds. Luckily Frank was able to make an emergency run to the grocery store and get more.

Frank and I are still working out at the crossfit gym…him probably a little more-so than me. I try and make it 2-3 times a week…4 if I’m feeling extra ambitious (which, unfortunately, doesn’t happen very often…). I am starting to tell a little difference from the past few months, though. I can do a pull ups now, well…a few…without the bands! Getting there, slowly but surely. I’ve also gained about 3-5 pounds and have been eating pretty clean for the most part, so I’m hoping it’s muscle. I can definitely tell my core is a lot stronger than before.

I’ve been cooking like crazy lately. Just in the past week or so I’ve made:

Sometimes I wake up in the mornings and my first thought is about what I’m going to cook later on in the day. I think I have a problem. My Christmas list is already filling up with new kitchen gadgets.

As far as the house goes…we’re getting closer to choosing tile and a contractor for the hall bath. I've prepped the brick on the fireplace for painting, so hopefully that will get done soon (decided to just paint it white). Also, I think we’ve decided to paint all the kitchen cabinets white and put beadboard on the outside of the island. We are hoping our finished kitchen will look very similar to this photo below:

Kitchen plan

This weekend I will be flying with some of my co-workers to the Bahamas (our trip was cancelled last month due to weather). Frank is doing the Auburn/Georgia football game flyover…if you’re watching the game on TV, look for the F-16’s! He’s #3, I think. He’s also doing a Veterans Day flyover in downtown Montgomery. I wish I would be around this weekend, he always does fun stuff when I leave, ha. I guess I can’t really complain, though…the Bahamas will be pretty darn nice.

It's fall in our neighborhood!

Our house...I should probably rake our front yard soon...still in dire need of landscaping...
P.S. The new iPhone 4s is AWESOME.