Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I realize this post is probably going to make me look like a huge nerd. But whatever...

I was packing up some things yesterday and came across the box with all my old journals in it. It is impossible to not open that box without taking a few of the books out and reading the words written by a younger me. I was a pretty avid “journaler”…is that even word? (Google says no). The oldest journal entries I have are from when I was 8 years old. I had scribbled handwriting, and mostly wrote about birthday parties, my younger siblings, and my friends that lived next door. As I got older my handwriting, thankfully, got better…and I started writing in glittery, multicolored pens about the awfulness of being an adolescent and how everything was so UNFAIR, and life was so dramatic. Even though my biggest problems were my parents not wanting to drive me to the mall so I could hang out with my friends that weekend. Oh the horror...Ha! I also have several unfinished journals about specific moments in time. Such as my Y2K journal. I kept a journal for the month leading up to Y2K, you know, just in case the world ended. I also still have the journal I kept during my sophomore year during Mr. Loincriers computer class in highschool. He had us type in our journals every few days as a typing assignment. At the end of the year we printed it. I still have it, and it’s long, like 30+ pages. My thoughts during the tragedy at the World Trade Center is covered in this journal. As I got older my writing lessened. I would go weeks with writing every day, then skipping a few months here and there. Then college rolled around and I would go several months or a year without writing, and then make a few entries just because I had some time to kill. My last real journal entry was from my senior year of college (4 years ago), right before I moved to Alabama. It’s always so neat to go back and read the thoughts that were going through my head at any specific time. I love that I am able to go back and read them. It’s like a little window into my past. Maybe someday I will get back into it...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick update

We are still here, but busy! Just a quick update on what's been going on...

We have shutters on the house!
Shutters with new bushes

Here is the new shower- still a work in progress
Tile is close to being done, finally!
Packing like crazy- trying to be organized about it this time around...

My sister is engaged!
So that's a little recap of the past two weeks. Lots of packing, finishing up small lose-end projects that we've been procrastinating about, etc. Oh yeah- so we still have not gotten an apartment, BUT we have a friends nice (not being used at the moment) RV parked on base at the RV park that we are thinking about crashing in for a little while. We will pretty much be living in a van...down by the river. Is that crazy or what? Ha! you're only young once. It's definitely a way to save some major cash if we are able to stay there for a little while. We will probably end up getting an apartment eventually, though.

We have exactly 1 month until the renters move in! I am fa-reaking out about the master bath. We still have a lot to do in there, but can't really start anything until the tile work is done. I hope it is done in the next few days. The guys that were working on it have been sort of MIA lately, which kind of worries me. I know they are busy working on other projects, though. The master bath and a driveway gate are the only two major projects we need to finish at this point. So close to being done!

I will be in TX for my sisters college graduation/Mother's day the weekend of May 12-13th if anyone wants to hang out! We are also planning on going to Michigan the weekend of June 16-17th.