Thursday, March 29, 2012

The progress thus far....

Master Bathroom Reno (pardon my crappy iPhone photos)
Here's our bathroom the night I got home from the Keys

Large hole in the floor for our new shower drain! They had to break into the concrete slab to tie in our new shower drain with the toilet drain.

The next day was much better. They filled in the hole (the concrete is wet in this photo), and cleaned up. There is a new drain on the far right :)

This is where the original shower was, they knocked out the surrounding walls to open it up. I'm kind of confused what to do with this space now. Instead of building a linen closet there I think we are going to buy a tall stand up linen cabinet. I may also hang a full size mirror on the back wall and add some hooks for robes or something. Not really sure yet. I might have them make the knee wall shorter too, so we can cover the top of it with tile.

The tile is here :) The smaller ones will be used on the shower floor.

There is definitely more natural light in the room now that the old shower walls are gone!
We are going to have one regular shower head mounted on the wall, and I just bought this sucka to be mounted on the ceiling of the's going to be sa-weetttt. I cannot wait to try it out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home from the Keys

Back to reality! I had a great time hanging out with the hubs in Key West, but unfortunately, that is over. Wahh wahhh. It was a pretty relaxing trip, didn’t get into toooo much trouble. We hung out with our newly engaged friends Rich & Mel a lot, checked out Bahia Honda, rented some kayaks and kayaked around the mangroves, ate some really good food, and spent some time on Duval St. One of the days the guys had to work, so we had a girls day and went shopping. I didn’t buy anything, but they had some really interesting boutique-ish shops there. I miss my husband, so ready for him to be home. 3 weeks kind of sucks, it’s not that long for him to be gone, but it’s also not really short either. He gets back on Saturday, yay!

We have a full crew working on the master bathroom now, it’s finally “under construction”! I came home and it was a complete disaster area…there was a massive hole drilled out of the concrete slab, getting it prepped for the new shower drain. Yesterday it looks like they finished it, because they had poured concrete over it and I see the shiny new drain is installed. One step closer! I can’t wait until they start building the shower.

The next couple of weeks are going to be cra-zy. Between finishing up the house and moving, we are pretty much not going to have a life. I wonder what the heck we are going to do with all our free time after we move. I seriously cannot imagine life without big projects going on 24/7.

Pray that Frank gets a call from Fedex! We are ready to start the next chapter ;). Actually, just pray that something (anything) presents itself and we make the right decision. We have no clue where we will be or what we will be doing in the next year. We are open and ready for whatever life wants to throw at us.

Oh yeah, I didn’t bring a camera to Key Oops. So here are the few I snapped with my phone...

View from our room on base

Pretty parrot!

Olivia St.

This is actually feet away from where Frank was when he got the call that he would be hired as an F-16 pilot several yrs. ago!

Sunset, night 1

Sunset, night 2

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I just confirmed an order with the flooring company for our master bath. Ahh! This kind of stuff stresses me out because then I know there's no turning back. I'm always second guessing myself. Anyway- here's the tile I chose. It's darker and more "multi-colored" than the hallway bathroom. I really, really, REALLY wanted to go with the greyer toned tile, but I was so afraid that it would make the room look like a big ol' blob of gray that I chickened out at the last minute. At this point in the renovations, I would do a lot of things differently if I went back in time..color schemes, fixtures, etc. Crazy how much your "style" changes in just one year.
The Tile
Landscape Meadow Tile

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Desk Experiment

I found a desk and chair for cheap on Craigslist yesterday. Finding deals on Craigslist around here (that aren't in sketch neighborhoods) is pretty rare. I got this desk and chair for about $40. It is in really good condition and looks hardly used. The chair needs some work, though, it's a little wobbly.

At first I thought about painting it a really bright, bold color and making it really stand out. But after talking to a friend and looking at what other people have done to their desks I'm kind of leaning towards stripping and re-staining the table-top a darker color, and then painting the rest a subtle color. Maybe an antique white/cream, or grey-blue? I want to do something to the back of the shelves too...wallpaper it or mod podge some colorful scrapbook paper back there? Or, since the hutch isn't attached to the table, I could remove it completely and just hang some free hanging shelves above the desk and find another purpose for the hutch. The chair will need painting as well, and needs a new cushion and some reupholstering (time to pick some crazy fabric! woohoo!). This will eventually be a place for my sewing machine to live. Even though I can't really sew. Maybe if I have an actual dedicated sewing/craft station in my house I'll be more motivated to relearn how! Either way, it's a place for my crafty stuff to live. Plus, I have a feeling after we move out of this house I will have a lot more free time on my hands.

Something such as this, maybe...

Also bought a file cabinet and plan on getting a little creative with that as well...Can't wait to post after photos of all this :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Night flying

I took this video last week. It's fun watching the guys take off from the runway! But, LOUD (as you can tell from my "OWW!!" at the end)!