Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick update

We are still here, but busy! Just a quick update on what's been going on...

We have shutters on the house!
Shutters with new bushes

Here is the new shower- still a work in progress
Tile is close to being done, finally!
Packing like crazy- trying to be organized about it this time around...

My sister is engaged!
So that's a little recap of the past two weeks. Lots of packing, finishing up small lose-end projects that we've been procrastinating about, etc. Oh yeah- so we still have not gotten an apartment, BUT we have a friends nice (not being used at the moment) RV parked on base at the RV park that we are thinking about crashing in for a little while. We will pretty much be living in a van...down by the river. Is that crazy or what? Ha! you're only young once. It's definitely a way to save some major cash if we are able to stay there for a little while. We will probably end up getting an apartment eventually, though.

We have exactly 1 month until the renters move in! I am fa-reaking out about the master bath. We still have a lot to do in there, but can't really start anything until the tile work is done. I hope it is done in the next few days. The guys that were working on it have been sort of MIA lately, which kind of worries me. I know they are busy working on other projects, though. The master bath and a driveway gate are the only two major projects we need to finish at this point. So close to being done!

I will be in TX for my sisters college graduation/Mother's day the weekend of May 12-13th if anyone wants to hang out! We are also planning on going to Michigan the weekend of June 16-17th.

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