Thursday, March 29, 2012

The progress thus far....

Master Bathroom Reno (pardon my crappy iPhone photos)
Here's our bathroom the night I got home from the Keys

Large hole in the floor for our new shower drain! They had to break into the concrete slab to tie in our new shower drain with the toilet drain.

The next day was much better. They filled in the hole (the concrete is wet in this photo), and cleaned up. There is a new drain on the far right :)

This is where the original shower was, they knocked out the surrounding walls to open it up. I'm kind of confused what to do with this space now. Instead of building a linen closet there I think we are going to buy a tall stand up linen cabinet. I may also hang a full size mirror on the back wall and add some hooks for robes or something. Not really sure yet. I might have them make the knee wall shorter too, so we can cover the top of it with tile.

The tile is here :) The smaller ones will be used on the shower floor.

There is definitely more natural light in the room now that the old shower walls are gone!
We are going to have one regular shower head mounted on the wall, and I just bought this sucka to be mounted on the ceiling of the's going to be sa-weetttt. I cannot wait to try it out!

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