Monday, November 12, 2012

25 weeks

25 weeks

Frank and I had a good weekend catching up & hanging out since he is home from Vegas now. I had a Dr.'s appointment today, and the one hour gestational diabetes test (had to drink the nasty orange sugary drink, which actually wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting!). So yeahhh....I FAILED! I have to go back in a few weeks for a 3 hour test. Not sure how I failed, I fasted for 12 hrs before the test just to be safe, even though they said I didn't have I don't know. I really hope I don't have gestational diabetes, that would suck! I guess we will find out in a few weeks. My Dr. and nurse seem to be pretty certain that I'll do fine on the next test, but I'm still a little worried about it. I can't help but feel guilty about it, like somehow it's my fault that I failed. Until then, I'll just be making sure I'm eating as healthy as I more ice cream & cookies for me :(. Not that I was eating a ton of that to begin with....

That's about it. The baby is moving around a lot...and should weigh close to 2 pounds now! I can't believe we only have about 15 weeks left until we have another little person joining our family.


  1. Don't worry! Clair just failed her's too and goes back today for the 3 hour test. I am sure you will do fine. Jessica- the RD in the family told Clair to start walking. Exercise helps your body break up the sugar you consume or something like that...I'll say a prayer for you and the littlest! You look great!

    1. Thanks! Apparently several people I know fail the first one and pass the second, so I'm hoping that is the case with me. I have been pretty lazy lately and not excersising as much as I should be, so starting yesterday I started it up again and hopefully that will help as well :)