Monday, December 3, 2012

26, 27 & 28 weeks

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, so that's why I haven't been posting...whoops! So I'm going to try and play a little catch up today. Here are my photos at 26, 27 & 28 weeks (today). I basically look the same, but I can tell I'm growing!

26 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks
We had a great trip to Michigan to visit Frank's side of the family for Thanksgiving. The drive there and back (25 hours total), was actually not bad at all. I had to stop maybe one extra time on the way there and back to stretch and have a bathroom break, but that was it! Also- we bought a new car right before our trip! We now own a '13 Sonata SE 2.0 and I am loving it. This will be our family sedan for a few years and Frank is now driving my old Elantra. While we were in Michigan I had my first baby shower. Frank's family was nice enough to host one on an already super busy holiday weekend, I loved getting to see everyone...just wish I had felt better during the shower. I ended up with a day of the stomach virus (bleh!). Luckily it was just a 24 hour bug and I only had to suffer for a day. I bounced back pretty quickly and felt back to 100% within a day or two. The Sunday after Thanksgiving Frank and I attended our nephew, Austin's, baptism. We are his God parents :). It turned out to be a really fun trip and as always, we loved seeing everyone and hanging out "up north"!

Last week things went back to normal daily grind. This past Friday my sister flew into town for the weekend. I hadn't seen her since May, and she's the first person in my family to see me pregnant. We had fun having sister time and she was able to come with me to another baby shower that was hosted by the wives of the pilots Frank flys with. The baby shower was at the O Club on base and the squadron Christmas party was right after the shower, it worked out perfectly! I feel so blessed to have had 2 showers two weekends in a row. We definitely have a good start to the baby stash now! We just need to start cleaning out the spare bedroom to make room for it all!

Frank left this morning for Burlington, VT and he will be there working all week :(. It was either now or January, and we figured he might as well get it over with now. I wish I could go with him, but I have to work, such is life. We are planning on either driving or flying to TX for Christmas in a few weeks, I'm guessing we'll drive. I need to figure out the dates for that...but we will definitely be in TX for at least 4 days or so.

As far as pregnancy stuff goes, still feeling great. I feel like I am slowing down a little bit, though. Maybe just a tad more tired that normal. We stayed out pretty late for the Christmas party last weekend and I was pretty beat the whole next day. Other than that, no weird aches or pains or annoyances. I've probably gained about 16 pounds now, and my belly button is starting to poke out a little, ahh!! Oh well. It seems to be all in the belly region...which I hear means boy, but who really knows. Tomorrow morning I have the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Really, really, really not looking forward to it. But, I guess it has to be done. I plan on bringing my iPad for entertainment, hopefully it won't be as bad as some people make it sound...and hopefully I pass with flying colors! I am going to be soooo starving by the time it is over with.

 I can't believe we only have 12 weeks left now. It seems like such a short amount of time! With the holidays and everything, it's just flying by. I know the last month or two will probably drag, though. We can't wait to meet this little guy/girl...

Oh yeah- YAYYYYY third trimester!

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  1. 16 pounds!! You dog! I had you beat at this point! You look great and glad everything is going good!