Monday, April 8, 2013

5 weeks old

Time sure is flying by! Kaia had her 1 month Dr. visit today and is doing great. Here are her current stats:

Weight: 8 pounds 2 oz (20th percentile)
Height: 22 inches (80th percentile)

Long and lean like her momma! She is growing so fast (especially her length). She was 19.5 in. when she was born, so in 5 weeks she's grown 2.5 inches already! Her arms and legs are super long and skinny. All the newborn stuff is getting too tight in the length, but the 0-3 stuff still doesn't really fit her because she's too small around the waist. I was kind of hoping she'd start chubbing up about now, but she's growing too tall too fast! Ha!

We've had a fun couple of weeks. I'm getting her out a lot more and she is getting so much more alert every day. We drove to Destin & Panama City, FL for Easter weekend, so that was her first car trip...about 3.5 hours. She slept the whole drive there and back! During Easter mass she pooped all over her brand new dress...figures! So far, every time we've taken her to mass she has had a massive poop explosion and ruined whatever she had on.

This past week I took her to the squadron to visit Frank at work, and also took her by Hartzell (where I used to work). This weekend I drove her to Tuskeegee to visit Frank while he was flying skydivers and then we hung out with some friends in Auburn until late Saturday night. She's becoming quite the little traveler now :).

She is sooo good. Sometimes she'll be fussy at night, usually around 6-10 PM, but that's okay. She is sleeping very well at night (I don't know how we got so lucky). She'll usually go to bed pretty late (10-11PM), sleep until 4ish, eat, then fall back asleep until 8-9AM or so. I am not complaining about getting up once or twice at night...that I can handle!

I think she's been trying to smile, but hasn't started giving us the big smiles yet. She'll get this amused look on her face sometimes, usually when you are changing her diaper or right after she eats when she is super happy.

This Thursday we are driving to Texas and I am spending a week and a half in Wichita Falls for my sisters wedding! So excited!

Some recent photos:
1 month old!

So sweet when she's sleeping...

Look at my long legs and big feet!

Sometimes she'll clasp her hands like this and it's the cutest thing

My head is a flower! Haha

Really mom, you are taking a picture while dad is burping me?!

Sitting on the beach in Destin



Ah! I'm falling and I can't get up!

Home from her one month appt. Look how long she is!

Kaia is not impressed.


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