Friday, April 8, 2011

Armed and ready for the weekly weekend booty kicking

Well…I didn’t get the laundry room painted, but the baseboards are caulked and the pool pump is working! So tempting to go swimming, but it’s still just a little too cold. I probably could have gotten more accomplished last weekend, but I spent some time hanging out with friends on Sat. night. So…the laundry room took the back burner :).

The other night we were watching TV and Frank pulled up my blog on his phone and started reading it to me…so irritating! It's like watching a video of yourself or hearing yourself talk. I hate hearing what I write, haha! He secretly likes my blog, I know it.

This week has been good- Frank got home from Vermont a day late on Wednesday, and it’s been really nice having him home. His first night back I made this really, really DELISH lemon chicken dish for dinner:

I had every intention of taking a picture of it before we started eating, but it smelled so good that it didn't least 2 seconds before we started digging in. So this photo is stolen from the website!

It makes me very happy that I can cook again. We still don't have all the kitchen stuff unpacked, but I have enough for the basics. This was super easy to make and very yummy. I used about 5 thin sliced chicken breasts and we had no leftovers! We’re a bunch of oinkers!

So, so glad it's Friday, even though that just means that we're about to get our booties kicked by the house this weekend. We have big plans for blowing insulation in the attic, along with some electrical work and a few other small jobs. Wish us luck...

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