Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breaking and Entering

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

With all the added house expenses lately…we’ve been sucked dry. We’ve been discussing purchasing a truck, which would help us out immensely with the house projects. Unfortunately we couldn’t really find a way we could afford to buy one right now…so we just decided to break into one and steal it instead. 

Me stealing a truck in broad daylight in the airport parking lot. We figured if we were going to do it, we'd hit up someplace with a large selection. We preferred one that was Barney purple...

All joking aside- our friend generously lets us borrow his truck anytime we need it. This weekend, however, the keys were locked inside, so I had to break in the back window to get them out.

This was probably one of our more productive weekends. I could go on a long spiel about all the stuff we did…it is a looooonnnggg list. But I’ll spare the details. The two biggest jobs we accomplished this weekend were fixing electrical issues, and blowing insulation in our attic. The prepping of the attic took much longer than the time we spent actually blowing insulation. Did I mention the highs were in the high 80’s this weekend, and our attic had to be 100 degrees! YUCK! Nevertheless, Frank did a great job and spent hours fixing the wiring in our attic, and we both learned a lot about electricity. And we’re both alive! That’s probably the biggest success. I’ve really come a long way, I wouldn’t even touch electrical wires if the breaker was off, that’s how deathly afraid of electricity I was. Now I’m helping Frank with electrical problems and I feel like I’m actually learning something useful. Now that I understand it better, it doesn't freak me out as much.

It’s amazing what we have learned in just a few months. We’ve gone from being somewhat clueless about home repair, to actually kind of knowledgeable (about certain issues, at least). Of course we still have a lot more to learn! One other thing I have learned is when you are at Home Depot or Lowes and you have a somewhat in depth question about something home repair related, look for the oldest dude that works there and ask him. Not all of the time, but most of the time they are usually the only ones that know anything. 95% of the people that work there have probably never picked up a paint brush or power tool in their life. Google has also been a serious life saver. If we didn't have google, I'm not sure how anything would ever get done because we'd have no clue how to go about doing it.

Anywho- on to the insulation photos. That’s really all I took pictures of this weekend. I’m sure you would get bored looking at photos of me painting baseboards, spreading fertilizer around our yard, or Frank hanging light fixtures.

It's hot up here!

Frank blowing insulation

We rented this at Home Depot and it is highly recommended! We had absolutely no issues and we covered our 2400 sq. ft attic in about 1.5 hrs.

8 bags and the machine...we had to go back for 4 more bags.
And here's a random photo I took of Frank hooking up our new pool timer (old one broke).

 Also- we have rose bush in our backyard! I didn't even notice it until it started blooming. We have about 12 roses so far...pretty :)

We spent some time yesterday evening looking at dining room furniture at World Market. I am so ready to not have to eat on a camping chair with a plate in my lap! Haha. Hopefully we can buy some furniture soon...

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