Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Some of the stuff we've been up to lately...

Living room furniture delivered - I'll post better pics soon...this one isn't the greatest.
This is the mess I was left with after I unpacked about half of the kitchen..yaaay

Frank went to the Hoover Dam

I managed to finish painting the door trim...with the help of my old roommate that came to visit! Also cleaned a bunch of cabinets and unpacked a majority of our kitchen stuff that was still boxed up.

I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow afternoon, woohoo! Tonight I'm getting my hair cut and's about time, too! It's grown 2 and a half inches since last time I got it the highlights are looking pretty yucky right now! It's pretty sad actually. I tried to book an appointment at the salon I normally go to and found out that they shut down right after my last OCTOBER...bummer. I'm going to miss it. They gave you mimosas and martinis while they cut your hair. Any salon that gives you yummy free drinks while they do your hair is a winner in my book. That's probably why they went out of business...they lost too much money on the booze!

I'll update again sometime after the Vegas trip. :)

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