Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Traveling husbands

Frank is leaving for the Ukraine tomorrow…which means it’s packing time in our household (it seems we are always in a state of either packing or unpacking here)! It stinks when he leaves for long-ish periods of time, I’m always sad to see him leave, but this trip won’t be too bad (2 weeks). Because of Frank’s job, it’s not uncommon for him to be gone a week or two out of the month. Sometimes it’s consecutive and sometimes it’s broken up into a few days here, a week or two there. It really hasn’t bothered me for the most part (except for missing him, of course). I’m pretty used to it since it’s been like this since we started dating 5 years ago, and half the time we were dating we lived in different states. 

My mom was asking how we were doing with him being gone so much- if anything, it makes the times we are together even that much better, and it definitely helps us not take each other for granted (not that we would anyway). Of course I get lonely sometimes…and it’s then that I wish I had a pet or something to keep me company around the house, but I’m really not home all that much. I usually try to enjoy the times he’s away as much as I can, and do girly things that he probably wouldn’t really want anything to do with, ha (for example...the sewing classes). Sometimes I'll visit with friends or fly back to TX for the weekend. Luckily this time my family is coming to me :)...speaking of that, I have about a bazillion things that need to get done before they get here!

Just in case anyone wants to see where Frank will be:

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