Friday, July 22, 2011

25 and 26

This week we celebrated my 25th birthday and my parents 26th wedding anniversary. I think it's pretty neat that I was born the day before their 1st wedding anniversary! The parents & brother drove in from Texas a week ago and have been keeping me company, they are also calling this their "break from the heat" vacation. Although- I still think it's hot here! It worked out perfectly, we had a little bit of a cool front roll through, and for a few days it was in the 80's with rain showers off and on all day. They loved it!

For all you iPhone users out there who love music. Download the Spotify app immediately! It was just released in the U.S. You basically get access to all the music you can think of (think iTunes) and you can stream it for FREE to your computer, make playlists, and then sync to your iPhone. Ta-da! OOORRR- if you want you can pay $5 a month and bypass using your computer and just stream directly from your iPhone. How awesome is that? I will probably buy the subscription.

And also- here's an article about Frank flying SU-37's in the Ukraine here. He's enjoying himself over there for sure...

Sad that my parents went home today :(...but I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Here are a few photo's from the last week or so:

2 dozen roses from Frank for my birthday

The current state of the jungle behind our pool. Basically all the ground you can see in this photo was covered about 12 ft. high with weeds and brush before my dad tackled it. The pile of weeds and old bushes/branches was HUGE when he was done. We still have a few dead tree stumps to remove. Look at our banana trees on the right! We have about 10 of them! They grow soooo fast- you can literally watch them grow, I am not kidding.

FDR's house in Georgia. This is actually where he died when he was President.

Callaway Gardens


Butterfly at the Callaway Gardens Butterfly Conservatory in Georgia

Annnnddd...another one


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