Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holy Underwear!...and other random stuff

I don’t even know where to begin- it’s been too long! So I guess I’ll just fast forward past the last month. Let’s just say we’ve been busy (as usual), and we haven’t really done much with the house because A. it’s too hot and all we want to do is either sit in the pool, or sit in the inside and hang out, and B. We are master procrastinators!).

Anyway- we do have all our furniture now, and I got a sweet deal for some patio furniture on craigslist…woohoo! I didn’t really realize that patio furniture would come in handy so much, but we use it a lot and it’s really nice to have places for guests to sit when we’re having get-togethers outside. I’ve also bought some patio lights to hang up, but haven’t gotten around to that yet.

This weekend we painted the laundry room and all the cabinets, it’s finished except for the laundry tub that needs to be replaced (the old one is soooo gross!). We also had blinds installed in the whole house last week and it has made a huge difference! Now I can finally start on the curtains. I’m taking a refresher sewing machine class later this month and hopefully I’ll gain some mad sewing skills! Joann Fabrics is having a 50% off sale on all their home décor fabric and I should probably go ahead and buy some before the sale ends…

Fabrics- Too many options for me to decide on anything! I seriously spent an hour in the 3 aisles of home fabrics- I am not ashamed.

In non-house news…Frank is leaving in 2 days for the Ukraine. He’ll be there about 2-3 weeks for a program called “Safe Skies”. Basically they’ll be cross-training with the Ukraine Air Force pilots. Frank is the second in line for planning this trip and he’s been super busy coordinating everything, there are approx. 140 people going from their base. It’s a big operation, but he’ll have fun, I’m sure! He’s flying a jet there, and back…so keep him in your prayers! It’s a looong flight! I was really close to buying a ticket and meeting him somewhere in Europe after the program ended, but we decided to wait and take a vacation later on. 

Frank and I's 1st anniversary is next month! It's not over yet, but this first year of marriage has been really awesome. I guess it could be because we are still in the newlywed bliss phase, but I don't think it's going away anytime soon! Being married to your best friend is pretty much the best thing ever...I feel super blessed to be able to share my life with him. Is being married supposed to be this fun!? 

Speaking of fun...soooo....I'm just going to go ahead and get this out there. Frank owns holey underwear. Anyway, he has had this holey underwear and has been wearing it on occasion since we got married...it may be only 2-3 pairs or so, but still. It's HOLEY UNDERWEAR! What 32 year old man who can afford new underwear chooses to wear holey underwear? Apparently my husband does. So, the other day while I was folding the clean laundry I threw his holey underwear away in the trash. The kitchen trash. Which APPARENTLY is a huge no-no...Frank had no idea that I threw them away. The next day he opened the trash and saw them in there. The expression on his face was priceless. It was like I threw away his favorite t-shirt or something. I seriously thought for a second that he was going to dive in there and rescue the underwear. Hahahaha...it makes me laugh so hard to think about it. Anyway- he said the fact that I threw them away doesn't bother him, but if I do that in the future he wants me to throw them away in a place where he won't see it. Boys....they are so weird. I am proud to say I finally have a husband who does not own one pair of holey underwear. We are making progress... (and he did give me permission to talk about his underwear, I'm not that mean!)

My parents are coming to visit in a few days (right after Frank leaves). They’ll be driving in from Texas and they’ll be here over my birthday on the 19th and their 26th wedding anniversary on the 20th; yes, I was their first wedding anniversary present :). They haven’t seen the house yet, so I’m excited they are coming to visit. I just wish Alabama was more exciting…at least it will be a break from their 105+ degree weather in TX…yuck!

Random- but this has got to be the weirdest "game" ever:  

Oh! I almost forgot, we have a pet now! Well, it's not a real LIVE pet, but we consider him our first pet because he plays in our pool, has a tail, and we found him on craigslist...that counts, right?? We've thought of a few names for him...but nothing has really stuck. So for the time being, I just call him "little pool guy"
Little pool guy (our pool cleaner)- isn't he cute?

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