Friday, December 2, 2011

Dreaming of renovations gone wrong

Sometimes I have the weirdest dreams. Last night was a mixture of a home improvement nightmare mixed with whimsical “The Grinch” -like graphics in my head. Haha…that sounded totally weird, but I swear that’s as close to describing it correctly as I can get. Last night we found a leak in the gutted hallway bathroom and we were worried that it would affect the new hardwood we have in the adjoining hallway. It didn’t ruin anything, but we were a little worried about it for an hour or so.

Sure enough, last night I have a dream that there is a random shower head attached to the wall in the living room (no stall, just the shower head with no drain underneath). I left for work one morning and came home to the shower head leaking and all the hardwood under it was warped. But not just regular warped, it was completely separated from the slab and warped in one big piece all the way to the ceiling! It kind of reminded me of wooden skis, the way it was curved upwards towards the ceiling like that. And our house looked like something out of The Grinch movie. It was so strange! Haha…I’m going to blame this one on the stress of renovating along with the Christmas holiday.

I drew a photo of it because I was trying to explain it to my co-workers. It looked something like this (don’t judge my 4 year old drawing abilities!):

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

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