Monday, December 19, 2011

The island

This past weekend we spent a lot of time working on the island in our kitchen. We had one side of it done (with the beadboard), but spent this weekend sanding/panting the front and the doors, and replacing the pulls. It’s pretty much finished now, and today Frank is working on the rest of the cabinets. It’s really tedious, but I was amazed and what a HUGE difference this made. Our island looks brand new...

Newly painted white island cabinets
White painted cabinets with rustic nickel knobs

These were nasty looking just a few days ago! There were even big gashes in the doors from when we tore out the tile, but with the help of some painters putty, you'd never know they existed!

Other than working on the island, I went to a Saturday crossfit workout with Frank (the first time I have worked out in about 3 weeks!...I’m taking December off). We did a workout called “12 days of Christmas”, it was pretty brutal and I am soooo sore today! On Sunday Frank went mountain biking with a friend, we worked on the house a few hours and then went to mass. After church we had 2 couples over for dinner and I made ribs for the first time EVER. I wasn’t really sure how they’d turn out, but they were great! Yay! I love ribs and I’m glad I can make them at home now, instead of only having them when we eat out.

This week will be a busy one…We’re probably heading to TX on Thurs., and will be there Friday. Can’t wait to see everyone!

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