Friday, January 20, 2012

The kitchen is almost done!

Sooo…the kitchen cabinets.

They’re done!! With the exception of a few knobs; we are waiting for another shipment of them to Lowes (yes, we bought all their stock).

I wish I would have taken more photos of the painting process. Since it was chilly this weekend we turned our master bathroom into a cabinet door painting room. It was really tight in there with all those doors (we had 21 doors/drawers), but we made it work with our shimmying skills. It took a lot of shimmying!

Even though it was time consuming, I will venture to say it was sort of fun. We did a lot of talking about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Frank and I had an assembly line going- he would paint the sides and grooves, I would roll the rest…and then we’d switch it up every now and then. We ended up doing 3 coats. There are still a few spots I might touch up later on, but we were so ready to get them done that we went ahead and hung them.

Here is what our kitchen looked like before we closed on the house…

Kitchen before- lots of tile, dirty looking cabinets, appliances that did not work and a wall blocking off a lot of natural light from the dining room.

 And here’s a photo of what the kitchen looks like now (minus a few knobs and some touch up paint that is needed above the cabinet trim):

White cabinets, new drawer pulls, appliances, paint, light fixtures, island bead board, window blinds, and open to the dining room!

Now that I'm looking at this photo I'm seeing a lot more stuff I need to fix (hmmm...light bulb out, island needs touching up in the middle where you can see the seam in the beadboard for some reason...etc, etc.) You are always your toughest critic. We are super happy with how it has turned out so far. We really wanted to replace the counter tops, but they are in pretty good condition, and aren't horrible, so we are keeping them for now.

Next on the list is the hallway bathroom. We ordered a vanity/granite top that got here today!

Granite counter-top for hallway vanity

We bought this vanity, just waiting patiently for it's arrival :)

This weekend we will be spackling, sanding, priming the rest of the bathroom and getting it prepped to paint. I might actually buy some paint this weekend and get started on that as well.

Other than renovations, things have been going great at home. I’m cooking a lot and loving it (pretty sure Frank is too). Since he’s been flying nights lately, he’s been getting up in the morning and cooking me breakfast, which is really sweet of him. We’re still waiting to hear from Fedex as far as his job goes, could be a few months (or never), but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll hear back from them sometime this spring. I have a feeling there will be a lot of changes this year :).

Had to throw that in for the fun of it.

That is all! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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