Thursday, February 2, 2012

IF we were to finish the attic...

I would love, love, love, love to build a room in our attic. For one, our attic is gi-normous and has tons of open space, which means we would have a lot of options. Unfortunately, those types of additions/renovations are very pricey and not within our renovation budget for an investment property. So, here’s what I would want to do if we were planning on staying here for a while, or maybe for a house in the future (?)…Pretty sure Frank's idea of a finished attic is pretty different than mine, but if I were to have it my way...

Yes, please!!
Awesome kids room
Guest suite?
Private getaway - love it
Awesome kids room #2
Craft room - for those very rare occasions that I have enough time to be crafty
I could definitely see myself spending a lot of time here :)
Reading nook - love the built in bookshelf

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