Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We’re still here! Just busy…we had a whirlwind Christmas/New Years trip (drove about 3400 miles). We visited my family in Texas for Christmas and then drove on up to Michigan for the New Year. I went skiing, for the first time ever, yay! I LOVED it…can’t wait to go again. Here are a few photos from the trip:

Sister and Tyrel opening Christmas gifts- gotta love the bow hats ;). Also note the retro Justin Beiber folder I used as a best buy giftcard holder for my sisters boyfriend...I crack myself up sometimes.
Frank and I stopped by my alma mater for a walk through Fantasy of Lights. I remember this bubble blowing robot from when I was about 5. I even wrote about him in my diary once..ha
On our drive from TX to Michigan we got off the highway in Joplin, Missouri to see the tornado damage from last years horrible storm. It was bad, but it looks like the rebuilding efforts are doing really well.

The night before skiing my sister-in-law and I snagged a midnight ride on the snow groomer up the mountain. It was actually a pretty fancy contraption!
Hitting the bunny slopes hard! If a 2 year old can do it, I better be able to!
I managed to get off the bunny slopes,and green runs, and onto what was classified as blue run. I'm sure the blue's here do not compare to the blues out west, though! I'm proud to say I never had a "yard sale"! It was an absolute blast and I'm so glad Frank was there to teach me how to ski for the first time.
Frank and I at his sister's for more gifts and food!
Frank playing with Justin's new toy...I got him the football hat, so cute!
Luce with her owl hat

I pretty much failed at taking photos at Christmas this year, so this is all we have.

I’ve been battling the worst cold ever for about 10 days now. Sucks getting home from a long vacation only to feel like crap for the whole next week. The house is in shambles! I still haven’t put away Christmas decorations, much less Christmas gifts. Hopefully that will all get tackled this weekend!

Frank had to work last weekend and I basically sat on the couch and drowned in Kleenex, vicks, and trash tv. As much as it felt good to do nothing, I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. Frank flew a jet out to Salt Lake on Sunday and he’ll be home today- hooray! He skied all day yesterday , can you say- jealous!? I’m sitting at work in my cubicle and he’s sending me photos from the lifts and talking about how good his mocha-choca-carmel-frappe-latte is…booo. I guess I still love him :)

No plans for the rest of January. I like the sound of that. We need to get going on this house again. I’m ready to get the cabinets done so I can put my dishes back in them! My new year’s resolution is simple this year: don’t be lazy. I have a million and one things on my to-do list, time to start knocking them out!

Looking forward to 2012!

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