Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saving the best for last

The master bathroom.

It's scary...mostly because we ripped everything out of it and it's a complete disaster area (story of our lives). I'm not gonna lie, sometimes when we start demo-ing I have a mini-panic attack inside and think to myself "OMG!!! How are we ever going to make this come back together!? Is it ever going to look okay!?" It is way, way to easy to demo, too bad it takes 100 times longer to put it all back together. I made 3 large truck load trips to the dumpster last Saturday, in the rain, to get rid of everything Frank pulled out of that bathroom. Oh, the joys of renovating....

This is the current state of the master bath.

The door from the "dressing area" into the bathroom is straight ahead, and you can see the opening to the small shower immediately to the left (upon walking in).

View from a few feet inside the bathroom.

We have big plans. So far we're waiting on quotes to come in from a few contractors and weighing our options. We plan on doing the cosmetic stuff ourselves (paint, lighting, electrical, vanities, toilet, trim, etc.). But we'll need someone to come in and help us with the tile, carpentry work and plumbing.

One of the plans is to move the tiny, claustrophobic shower from it's original spot, to the very back of the room. Which would make it a H-U-G-E walk-in, with dual shower heads and a built in bench. In my mind, it will look something like this:

But without the window, sinks...and cat.

Of course- it will probably never look like this. But until I see it in real life, this is what I will picture in my head :)

We're trying to prepare ourselves for leaving the house. Now that it's almost finished, we are feeling more at home here...and it's going to be a little sad to leave our first "home". But it's the best decision for us for right now. I've been looking at apartments, and we will more than likely move in early May (our renters are starting their lease in mid-late May). So anywho- that's what we'll be doing in a few more months. We have several projects to finish before then! Landscaping is another big one.

I'm not really sure what life will be like when we don't have a house to work on 24-7, but we will soon find out!

Kind of off topic- but I booked a flight to Key West for a 4-day weekend next month! I've never been, and I'm super excited! Frank is working there for a few weeks so I'm heading out there for a few days. Frank will also be in Romania for a little while in August, so I'm thinking I may try and make it there as well, since I haven't been to Europe before.

Hope everyone has a blessed Ash Wednesday. I love the Lenten season, it is so necessary is so many ways. I feel like this year, it couldn't have come at a better time. We're sort of at a small crossroads, not really sure what to do with our life as far as jobs, living, etc., so hopefully we'll all grow a little closer to God in the coming weeks and get some guidance, and a sense of peace. Things have been so crazy busy lately, it's easy to get side tracked and lose focus on what we should always be focused on.

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