Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Desk Experiment

I found a desk and chair for cheap on Craigslist yesterday. Finding deals on Craigslist around here (that aren't in sketch neighborhoods) is pretty rare. I got this desk and chair for about $40. It is in really good condition and looks hardly used. The chair needs some work, though, it's a little wobbly.

At first I thought about painting it a really bright, bold color and making it really stand out. But after talking to a friend and looking at what other people have done to their desks online...now I'm kind of leaning towards stripping and re-staining the table-top a darker color, and then painting the rest a subtle color. Maybe an antique white/cream, or grey-blue? I want to do something to the back of the shelves too...wallpaper it or mod podge some colorful scrapbook paper back there? Or, since the hutch isn't attached to the table, I could remove it completely and just hang some free hanging shelves above the desk and find another purpose for the hutch. The chair will need painting as well, and needs a new cushion and some reupholstering (time to pick some crazy fabric! woohoo!). This will eventually be a place for my sewing machine to live. Even though I can't really sew. Maybe if I have an actual dedicated sewing/craft station in my house I'll be more motivated to relearn how! Either way, it's a place for my crafty stuff to live. Plus, I have a feeling after we move out of this house I will have a lot more free time on my hands.

Something such as this, maybe...

Also bought a file cabinet and plan on getting a little creative with that as well...Can't wait to post after photos of all this :)

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