Monday, May 21, 2012

Master bathroom...check!

We are done with the master bathroom! Well, we better be since the renters are moving in….today! We ran into pretty much every plumbing issue you could have, but whatever. It’s fixed now. Out of sight, out of mind! One of Frank’s friends posted a very fitting Facebook status that made us both laugh…”Pregnancy is to women is as remodeling is to men. Something within draws you to do it. It starts out fun and quick, but gets progressively more uncomfortable over the next 9 months. In the end the reward is so incredible that God lets you forget the pain so you can do it again.” Ha!

I haven’t forgotten the pain yet. I need a break! Frank is, of course, already looking for another house to renovate. We drove through a few neighborhoods just for the heck of yet yesterday. I already told him if we do buy another house it better be turn-key ready with maybe just a little cosmetic work. I’m not up for another year and a half of dust quite yet!

Anyway- here are a few photos of the completed master bathroom! The renters didn’t even see photos of the old bathroom, or the new one…so they should be pleasantly surprised (hopefully!) when they get here today. At some point when I get our chaotic life in order, maybe I’ll get a few minutes to go through old photos and post a lot of before and afters of the whole house.
We had the old tub resurfaced and installed a new faucet.

The linen cabinet and robe hooks are in the location of the old shower

New shower- and it works!...we had some issues along the way...

New vanity, lights, and fixtures

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