Monday, December 10, 2012

29 weeks

29 weeks down, 11 more to go!

I took the 3 hour gestational diabetes test last Tuesday, extremely boring, not fun drinking a super sugary drink and getting blood drawn 4 times, but I knocked out a lot of baby shower thank you's! No gestational diabetes, woohoo! Far from it, I wasn't even close...glad that's over with.

I had a Dr's appointment today and everything looks good. I've only gained a little over a pound since my last appointment a month ago! I was sooooo surprised with Thanksgiving and everything, and honestly a little worried. I usually gain a pound a week. The Dr. said it was okay to have a few weeks where you don't gain a lot, and everything else looks good & measured correctly, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Still at +16ish pounds. I am in the process of switching doctors,'s pretty late in the game now, but I am definitely switching. I have nothing against my current doctor, he's a really nice guy, but I would really like someone who is a little more natural minded. Still going to be going to an OB, but he's known for being more natural in his approach to birth, so we'll see. Who knows, I could have that first contraction and be screaming for the epidural, but I hope it will be as intervention free as possible (as long as everything is progressing normally).

Today I "for sure" felt hiccups for the first time! It was so cute. I've probably felt it before but just didn't really notice. While I was sitting at my desk at work my stomach started jumping every few seconds in equal intervals, so I rested my hand on where it was doing that and it definitely felt like hiccups...lasted a minute or two. Also, sometimes if the baby is being quiet and I want to feel a kick I'll start patting or pushing around on my stomach and wake the baby up so he/she will kick. Is that wrong? Haha, I feel like I'm already an annoying mother, but I like feeling those kicks! I don't do it very often, I guess I should just let the baby sleep in peace!

Cheeseeee! 29 weeks - This was taken a few days ago, but close enough.

29 week frontal belly view...since I have such a long torso the baby seems to still have plenty of room.
That is about it for last week. We are trucking right along, and luckily I am still feeling really good.

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