Wednesday, December 19, 2012

30 weeks + 2 days

Yup, definitely feeling pregnant now...there's no doubt about that. I guess the 2nd trimester blissfulness is over :(, but that's okay! All for a good reason. This week has been particularly rough because I've been battling this nasty cold/flu type sickness that's been going around my office. I missed a few hours of work on Friday, felt blah all weekend, missed half a day Monday, all day Tuesday, and forced myself to go into work today (surprisingly made it through the day). I'm hoping the worst is over. I really feel like my immune system is taking quite a bit longer than normal to kick the crud! Hopefully I am better by Friday, which is when we will be driving to TX for Christmas.

30 weeks. Sick, no makeup. I almost thought about cutting my head out of this photo- this is about as real as it gets!

Other than feeling like poo, everything else has been great. We've been keeping busy around here...with all the Christmas shopping, etc. going on. The baby seems to be doing great regardless of how I'm feeling, so that's good. He/she is just as active as ever and constantly moving around and getting hiccups several times a day,  and sometimes waking me up with them at night (so cute). Frank is jealous because I've gotten to "hold the baby" all this time. Yesterday he informed me that once the baby is born he's going to hold the baby all the time because it will be his turn (ha!!). I'm a pretty big baby-hog myself, so we'll see how that goes ;)

I've been slowing down,  not quite as energetic as before. It takes a little longer to get around...I feel sort of like an old lady! Sleeping at night can be a struggle, I'm waking up more often at night. I noticed myself getting a little out of breath sometimes, and the light-headedness (especially at church) seems to be making a comeback. I guess those would be the current pregnancy symptoms going on. Just an overall sluggish feeling.

We will be going on what will probably be our last big roadtrip before baby this weekend, woohoo! Driving to TX to visit with my family over Christmas, it's about an 11-12 hour drive one-way. I'm looking forward to it! I like roadtrips with the husband, we have a good time and it's fun chatting and hanging out with no distractions. I'm really appreciating our time together just the two of us, I know it will be ending soon. it bad that we are now less than 10 weeks away from the due date with absolutely no names picked out, no nursery furniture/decor, and the "baby room" is still full of all sorts of random non-baby stuff? We should probably get on top of all that. We are pretty much the biggest procrastinators in the history of procrastinators....obviously. I had a nightmare the other day that we had the baby and a week went by and we still didn't have a name!

Frank did surprise me with a carseat yesterday, though. Yay! I think we have most of the basics that are absolutely necessary, so we are probably doing better than what I think. Plus, we still have plenty of time, right?! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! :)

Coffee tables are overrated

Comfy seat!

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