Tuesday, February 19, 2013

39 + 1 - still pregnant

6 days until the due date! Pretty sure Baby Prokop is nice and snuggly in there and not really thinking about joining the outside world yet! I would bet I'm still pregnant on my due date, which is the 25th. Not really feeling miserable, though...so I can deal with that. No labor signs, except some braxton hicks here and there....but really it hasn't increased at all in the past few weeks. My doctor will let me go over the due date about 10 days, maybe a few more if everything looks good. I'd say that March 11th would be the absolute LATEST this baby could get here, I seriously hope I'm not pregnant that much longer! I really want to avoid being induced if at all possible, but if it gets to that point I will be all for it.

I've been walking a lot lately, maybe that will help move things along. I have another doctor appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if there is any "progress". This is my first week completely jobless...it feels weird not working, but it has been so nice to be able to relax and get some things done at home, and hang out with Frank a lot. We've been going out to eat and having little dates as much as possible :). Last week was Valentine's Day...3 years ago Frank asked me to marry him and here we are expecting our first child any day - exciting!

Here are some photos from a Monster Truck show we went to last weekend:
Monster trucks!

39 weeks (yes, that is cotton candy I am holding, and yes, it was delicious!)
Well, I wish there was more to report....but there hasn't been much going on around here! Maybe my next post will be a baby post (but don't get your hopes up just yet!).

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