Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet 16 weeks

16 weeks and now, currently chipping away at week 17. This week the baby is about as long as a red onion (approx 5 inches long, and weighs about 4-5 ounces). I was grocery shopping today and just happened to notice the red onion section, so I decided to humor myself and buy one and send a photo of it to Frank (he's still in Spain for now). I'm kind of surprised that something as long as the diameter of a red onion is currently residing inside of me right now....that's pretty big! Weren't we on raspberry week not too long ago?

This week I've been noticing a few things...The first thing I've noticed is that my clothes are definitely getting a little more snug. Before now I could at least button my jeans, but they were really uncomfortable. Now I have several pairs of pants that I couldn't button even if I wanted to...not that I really even try at this point. I'm at this awkward stage that makes me too big for my old clothes, but still way too small for maternity clothes. I've bought a few maternity shirts, but haven't worn them yet. They aren't really obvious maternity shirts, just a little stretchier and longer than regular shirts. Right now I'm just wearing all of my pre-pregnant longer shirts.

Also this past week I started feeling strange feelings that maybe, possibly could be the baby. I'm not quite to the point where I can say "Yes, that was for sure the baby!". I know exactly where the baby likes to hang out because of my doppler. He/she likes the lower right area, that's where I always find the heartbeat right away. The past few days I've noticed if I'm laying really still on my side, sometimes I feel this little tap-tap (or pop, or twitch...). It's always around my lower right, and it's only when I'm laying really still. It's such a light feeling that if it happens during the day, I don't notice at all. So, this could, or could not be the baby. I like to think that it is, but it's still super early. I know some people can feel things this early, I guess time will tell. If they get stronger over the next week or two I guess I'll know! 

Another thing that has been going on is restless nights. They've been slowly creeping up, but now it seems like I only get one or two really good nights of sleep a week. Maybe it's because Frank's been gone a lot, not sure. I'm waking up multiple times with the CRAZIEST DREAMS EVER. All the other times in the past that I've said I had crazy dreams, no...they do not compare to the crazy that happens in my pregnant dreams. It kind of freaks me out. They are always super intense, but not quite nightmare-ish. I literally wake up every night and have to pep-talk myself into believing that this is real life and my dreams are not real. 

Red Onion Week (haha!)

I don't really feel like I'm growing that much the past few weeks...but that's fine with me. I quite enjoy being able to sort of sleep on my stomach.

Other than all of that, things are going just grand. Frank left on Wednesday to pick up some jets in Spain that were broken from their Romania trip. He was supposed to be back a few days ago...but we all know how that goes. They have been delayed a few extra days and it's looking like he'll be back Wed/Thurs (hopefully Wednesday!). The hurricanes in the Atlantic, along with some tanker issues caused the delay. I'm sure he's having fun on his Spain vacation, though :)

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