Wednesday, January 2, 2013

31 & 32 weeks

Well, I can now say that we have a baby due NEXT MONTH. We are less than 8 weeks from the due date now and really looking forward to meeting baby P. I'm feeling much better now that I got over the nasty sickness I had around 30 weeks. Now I'm just feeling a little sluggish and sometimes I don't sleep so well at night, but that's to be expected. Other than that things seem to be going well.

For Christmas we traveled to Texas to visit with my family. We had a pretty relaxed Christmas and spent most of it indoors because of the weather. It snowed! We don't get too many white Christmas's in Texas, so that was a nice surprise. It wasn't too much fun driving back to Alabama the day after Christmas, but once we got to Dallas or so most of the ice and snow was gone. While we were in Texas we met up with Cathy & Ricky, who are also expecting baby #1 (a boy)! They finally told everyone so I guess it's safe for me to put it on here, ha. Here is a photo of us (I'm 31 weeks and she is 17 weeks in this one)...yay for pregnant BFF's!

Cathy and I - Christmas 2012
My sister gave me this cute knitted aviator hat for our future little pilot baby
This was after we got home from Christmas Mass, it obviously wasn't very smart of me to wear a knee length dress (and you can't see them, but also stilettos....NOT recommended at 31 weeks pregnant in icy weather!).
I don't have any photos of Frank and I on Christmas, they are all on my parents/sisters camera. I pretty much stink at taking photos....I don't have any photos of us on Christmas or New Years :(

On the way home to Alabama we stopped in Dallas for Chipotle...Frank can't pass up one of those if he's hungry! After we got our food I had to make a potty break, so Frank went out to the car and pulled it up to the front door to pick me up so I wouldn't have to walk through the icy parking lot....Well, as soon as I stepped foot outside I slipped and fell right on my booty. Luckily I caught myself so I didn't fall too hard, it was more funny than anything. It's a good thing we don't live somewhere where there is a lot of ice because I am a pretty clumsy pregnant person!

For New Years we drove to Meridian, MS to see Frank's younger sister, Angela, our brother-in-law Jason, and their baby, Samantha. They live around DC, but Jason's family is in Mississippi and they were there for the holidays. We saw them over Thanksgiving in Michigan and Samantha was about 2 months old, it's only been a little over a month and it's crazy how fast they grow! She is getting so big already, and soooo cute. I was glad we made it over there to visit with them for a day or two because it could be a while before we see them again.

I finally switched Dr's and had my first appointment with the new Dr. today. He seems super nice and I think it was a good decision to switch. He felt around and said the baby is turned sort of sideways...the head is (I think) on the top left side of my belly and the bottom is at the bottom right. So, somewhere in between breech and sideways...His office offers a free 4D ultrasound and he said this would be the perfect time to do it, so we have one scheduled for next Monday! We weren't going to do one, but since it is free...we figured why not. I can't wait to see what this little one looks like...I guess it's sort of taking away from some of the "surprise" of it all, but we still won't know the gender :). Anyway, that's about it... here are the 31 & 32 week photos:

31 weeks

32 weeks

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