Monday, August 6, 2012

11 weeks

How far along? 11 weeks

How big is baby?
1.5-2 inches long, .25-.5 ounce...growing! Fig week.

Total weight gain/loss
: Still hovering around 0, maybe +1 pound...wondering when that's going to change because I have been eating A LOT! Like, more than it should be legal to eat, seriously! Someone take this carton of ice cream and hide it! It's getting out of control.

Maternity clothes?
Nope! Still rocking my normal clothes, but 9 times out of 10 I have a hair band holding the button closed...shhh! Dresses are my friend.

Bump? There's a small one. You can only tell if I'm wearing something really tight, most of the time you can't tell at all. I can tell that my stomach is rounder and getting firm...eek! It's definitely not as flat as it was before. Since I'm pretty tall and thin, I think it will be a while before I show since the baby has a lot of room in there.

Sleep: Back to my normal sleeping schedule. There were a few weeks were the sleeping got a little ridiculous, as in 14+ hours a day. Sleeping on my side most of the time now, just because it's more comfortable. I'm noticing that I wake up earlier on my own and it's hard to go back asleep. Kind of frustrating on the weekends because I know my days of sleeping in are coming to an end pretty soon, and I'd like to enjoy it while I can! But nope, waking up at 6:30 no matter what day it is and it's impossible to sleep in.

Best moment this week:
Probably listening to the heartbeat on the doppler. That's always the highlight of the day or week! Best sound ever. It's been staying around 170ish, sooo "they" say that higher heart rates mean girl, but I don't really believe in that. I still thinking we are probably having a boy! But, who really knows? Also- bought my first onsie sleeper at Kohl's this past weekend :). Since we aren't finding out the gender I'm going to buy whatever cute gender neutral stuff I can find since it's so hit and miss. Can't wait until the baby is here and I can do some real clothes shopping :)

Most Ridiculous Moment of the week: On Saturday I was really, REALLY jonesing for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream so I drove to Publix and bought some, with some sugar waffle cones (of course!). On drive home from the grocery store I was soooo excited that I busted out in come crazy made up song about how the baby wanted some ice cream. I was singing it at the top of my lungs and doing a little happy dance in the car while I was driving. It was the funniest song ever, and I was seriously cracking myself up. I swear, pregnancy is making me insane! Thank goodness no one was there to witness the ridiculousness!

Worst moment this week: Having to leave mass early for the 2nd Sunday in a row due to almost fainting. I've found out that it seems to happen when I'm kneeling or right after. Everything goes completely black, noise is muffled, I get really hot, sweaty, and dizzy and feel like I can't breathe. It really sucks. I had to leave before Communion this past Sunday, that was a bummer. I was at Mass by myself and didn't want to risk making a scene and passing out during Communion with no one there to catch me!

Food cravings
: Everything. Ice cream. Salty things. Sweet things. Peanut Butter. Cheese. Fruit. You name it and I probably want it.

Food Aversions
: None this week, they seem to be going away, thank goodness! I ate eggs for breakfast and it didn't gross me out...woohoo! Thinking about eating steaks or chicken (by themselves) still kind of makes me feel a little weird, but it's better than it was. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:
  Hungry, tired sometimes, headaches off and on, thirsty & peeing all the time! Feeling generally lazy and unproductive 24/7.

What I miss
: My husband! Feeling energetic and productive. And

What I am looking forward to
: Frank coming home from Romania in 2 weeks. Also looking forward to actually showing and not just looking like I've had too many beers.

Upcoming appointments/events:
  Next appt. is Aug 20th, and it's just a standard appt. No ultrasound :(.

Resolve for the upcoming week: Eating healthier. Now that the weird food aversions are mostly gone, I am going to start eating better. I did a big grocery run and stocked up on a ton of veggies, fruit, and meat. Looking forward to healthier eating!


  1. I love reading your blog! I fainted in church too, and followed it by throwing up, hehe. Have you had nausea or vomiting? I can't wait to watch your bump grow! Good luck holding on finding out the sex. We were gonna wait too and changed our minds the night before the 20 week ultrasound.

    1. Luckily (knock on wood!)...I have yet to throw up and have pretty much had no nausea besides a few times during week 6-8, but it was really mild and usually if I was in the car with someone else driving. Hoping it stays that way! We'll see if we can make it not knowing the gender...I know Frank can, I'm the weak one! I think it will be fun not knowing though, what a surprise it will be!

  2. I love, love, LOVE that you're keeping a blog! So will baby P...when he/she is old enough to understand and be curious about the days and months leading up to his/her arrival! I know it's an old wives tale and not actual science BUT...we had heartbeats in the arena of yours and, well, you know the rest. Trust me, when the moment arrives, you'll be ecstatic either way. I mostly enjoyed knowing the gender (before she was born) because I felt more bonded to her just knowing WHO was riding around in my belly. Surprisingly, the shopping took a back seat to the bonding. Though I enjoyed the shopping, too!

    Sounds as though you’re having a really great pregnancy so far! Keep up the good work! I really believe it’s what you make of it!

  3. Wonderful!! I think throughtout the frist trimester I got ikky in church because I knew I couldn't eat anything which made me feel really bad! It went away until the last few weeks. By then, my belly was so big it was hard to kneel! Everything sounds so great!! My bump started showing around 3-4 months but only I could tell it wasn't until 5 months that people would look at me not like I've had too many chips/beers but might actually having a baby!

    I agree with you on the one thing I missed while I won't lie, I had a sip from time to time (not in 1st but a ways into 2nd-3rd trimester). Call me a bad prego mom...Annie turned out fine!!

    Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up!!