Monday, August 20, 2012

13 weeks- 2nd trimester!

13 weeks! It feels weird to think that the first trimester is already over, it went by pretty quickly for the most part. This past week I have felt great! I have pretty much all of my energy back, besides from a day or two here or there...but nothing too excessive. I stayed awake until 1:30 am on Sat. night and I was so proud of myself! I even watched a late night movie and didn't get heavy eyes! That's progress from the 6:30 PM bedtime that was happening there for a few weeks. I don't really have any complaints from the past week or two...the mild symptoms that I do have are subsiding considerably :)

I had my 2nd prenatal appointment today. I have gained about 1.5-2 pounds since my last appt. a month ago....not surprising since I have been doing some SERIOUS eating lately. The baby's heart rate was about 167. I never had bloodwork done at my first appt, so they drew some blood for that as well. It was a fast appointment, I was in and out in 30 minutes. My next appointment will be in 5 weeks. They are going to do the anatomy ultrasound and we could potentially find out the gender if we wanted to, but we aren't going to. The doctor asked if we were going to find out and I told him we weren't...he was excited! He said that makes it a lot more fun for them because they get to announce at the birth, and that doesn't happen very often at all anymore. I am super excited to see the baby again.

Here is a photo of my pretty much non-existent baby "bump", I guess you could say. Or maybe it's baby bloat? I'm still not really sure. All I know is that in the morning it's just a little pouch and it gets bigger throughout the day and looks like this before I go to bed. I only have about 2 pairs of jeans that I don't need to use my belly band with, otherwise it's really uncomfortable if I button them. Of course, no one can really tell besides me (unless I'm wearing something really tight). But, my stomach is definitely larger than it was, for sure. I know that this is just my uterus pushing everything up higher, because the baby is definitely not where the bump is!

13 weeks belly bloat/bump/too many donuts??

 Frank has been delayed in Romania, so he won't be back until....well, who knows? He's waiting with a broken jet in Spain and it could be a week or more depending on when they can get it fixed. He wasn't originally supposed to fly a jet back, but turns out that he is. I just hope he's home before our anniversary next Tuesday! I'm not getting my hopes up, though. I really can't wait to see him, by the time he gets home he will probably have been gone a month. It's not as fun being pregnant without Frank here to pamper me (ha!). Really, though...he is so awesome and has been really great throughout the pregnancy so far. I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with him, that's really what I miss the most. I want him here to share the experience with me, it's fun to see him so excited. He is going to be such a good daddy. 

Besides "working" in Romania, this past week Frank went to a CFR Cluj soccer match, and has driven the Transalpina , which he said was an awesome/gorgeous drive. I'm slightly jealous.

Here are a few photos of Frank flying in the Mig-21 (Romanian jet). He was able to have 2 rides and had a blast. I got him a Go-Pro camera for his birthday and he got some really cool video as well, maybe I can post those when he gets back.

Frank posted this on his Facebook and one of our friends asked him if this was the highway to the danger zone...Hahahaha! Yes, yes this is the highway to the danger zone.

Frank's in the backseat

Frank in a Mig-21

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