Monday, October 8, 2012

20 weeks - halfway!

Finally, the time that is left is shorter than the time that has passed - yay :)

Looking a little rough, 20 weeks
This past week was a little rough because I was battling the worst cold EVER. I usually get one or two a year, they last a few days and completely knock me off my feet. I had to take a sick day on Thursday and thankfully I am feeling much better now. It's no fun being sick when you can't really take anything for it. I basically sat next to my humidifier running on full blast with a large box of tissues for 3 days straight.

Baby seems to be doing good. Kicking around a lot more, I'm feeling movement off and on all day. Frank felt a teeny tiny little kick from the outside this week. He still hasn't felt the bigger ones, it's hard to know when to expect it because they usually come out of the blue. So unless he just sits there with his hand on my stomach 24/7, it's easy to miss. You can actually see my stomach moving from the outside a little too! So far it seems we have a pretty active baby in there, more backing for my case of a little Frank. 

This week the baby is about 10 inches long (head to toe), and weighs about 11 ounces. I can't believe that a 10 inch miniature person is actually residing inside my belly. That's just crazy to me, but apparently it's true! We have an ultrasound next Monday and I am soooo excited. We haven't seen the babe since 9 weeks and I can't wait to see how much bigger he/she is and watch them move around.

I've also been working on a registry, researching various baby related things,  and trying to figure out what we'll need. We still haven't bought anything, but it still seems pretty early. So far we only have a few play-suit type outfits that I've bought. We've also been talking about possibly purchasing a new car. I test drove the new Sonata last weekend and we are also looking at a few others (Altima, Camry, etc). Both of our cars are 10+ years old. I guess it's time we grow up and get a safe, reliable, adult car since we'll be toting around a baby soon.

I'm still feeling great (besides getting over the cold). I have been noticing that my lower back and hips are starting to feel a little sore and stiff lately, and it's getting harder to get comfy when I'm trying to fall asleep. I'm being proactive and made an appointment with a chiropractor and plan on going regularly throughout the rest of the pregnancy and after the birth. I've read that it helps keep everything aligned for an easier birth (maybe, if I'm lucky) and hopefully will help with regular pregnancy pains as well. I have never been to a chiropractor before, so I'm looking forward to it! My first appointment is tomorrow. Other than the beginnings of random aches and pains, no complaints. I have energy and still feel like my old self :).

That's about all on the baby front. Frank is gearing up for the big Coosa River Challenge Race that he did last year, it is this weekend. Last year he and his friend got 3rd place. It's a pretty big race so I was very proud of them! They haven't trained quite as much for this year, but I know they will still do well. The race is a 3-4 mile trail run, with about 3 more miles added in throughout the race, an 85 ft. rappel, 8 mile mountain bike, 7 mile kayak down the river, and various surprise challenges thrown in the mix. I think it took them about 4 hours last year. I will be out there cheering them on!

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