Monday, October 15, 2012

21 weeks

I don't really have a lot to talk about this week...not a lot of news around here! I have been seeing a chiropractor every other day for the past week now, and it's been going good so far. Still not sleeping that good at night, but it's not horrible, so I probably shouldn't complain! Frank had to fly nights last week, which means that he doesn't get home until around 11 PM. Not a fan of night weeks, but it's over now!

This past weekend Frank & two of his friends ran the Coosa River Challenge race. I ended up not going...but their time was about the same as last years. I have no idea where they ranked because they left before the official results were posted. I'm hoping they have them online soon! On Sunday Frank went to Tuskegee and flew some skydivers. He used to do that long before we met, back in Michigan...I'm sure he had a blast. I drove there later in the afternoon and then we drove a few miles further to Auburn and watched Argo with some friends. We both liked it! We hadn't been to a movie in FOREVER. Since we were in Auburn we went to Chipotle...twice. Once to get some food to sneak in to the movie, and again after the movie. For the record, I didn't eat the second time we went in under 3 hours...but Frank did! Haha. Soooo good, why we don't have a Chipotle in Montgomery is beyond me. It was nice hanging out in Auburn for a little while. That was pretty much our weekend.

Today we went to the Dr. and finally had our anatomy ultrasound :) :)

21 weeks. I swear I don't live in lounge pants....only when I'm at home!

It was awesome seeing the baby - much different than our ultrasound at 9 weeks! The baby definitely looks like a baby now, with little arms and legs flailing around. He/she was actually pretty chill most of the time, putting their hands and arms in front of their face making it hard for us to get a good picture!

Oh the humanity! Please quit with the poking and prodding!

 Baby was a little dramatic, and did a few face palms, haha. Pretty much the cutest baby ever, but of course I am biased. We got some close ups of the hands and feet and all ten fingers and toes are there. All the organs and bones look good. The baby weighs a little over 12 ounces and the tech said that they'll be close to a pound by next week.

Hi baby!

 They turned off the big screen when they checked the lower body parts...soo, it's still a surprise! The tech said she could tell the gender, but it's still a mystery to us. I'm glad we stuck with our original decision not to find out! It was soooo tempting, though. I almost changed my mind last minute.

He/she was a little shy, but that's okay :)

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  1. This is so awesome!! You look and great and baby too! Way to stick to your guns on the gender! You WILL NOT regret it!