Monday, October 1, 2012

19 weeks

This was a good week- pretty relaxed and non-eventful. We did go to Panama City beach this past weekend with our friends Jason & Nicole, that was fun! This is the perfect time to go to the beach here, late Sept - mid Oct. There is no one there, the water is still super warm, and it's still sunny and warm outside too. We enjoyed some beach time, seafood, and the guys spearfished on Sunday while us girls had ourselves a girl-only beach day. I came home last night, but Frank stayed today (for kite-surfing) and he should be home within a few hours.

The big things this week as far as the baby goes are more movement (yay!), and the belly is realllllyyy starting to grow now. I'm finally starting to inch myself out of that in-between phase where I sort of look like I may be pregnant, but sort of not.
Where did that come from!?
Panama City Beach
Spearfishing catches
Dinner on the rooftop, live music was a bonus!
How far along? 19 weeks!

How big is baby?
6.5 inches crown to rump, 10 oz. Large melon week :)

Total weight gain/loss
: Geez. The pounds are a-gaining...that's for sure. Probably getting close to 8 pounds total gained so far. Seems to be about a pound a week or so now.

Maternity clothes?
I do have some maternity clothes, but most of the stuff I have is for the winter, so I haven't really worn much of it. I have yet to wear maternity jeans, but I can wear the shirts. Last week I wore some tights and a tunic and it was seriously the most comfortable I've been in probably forever. I think I'm going to stock up on tunics and tights and wear them forever.

Bump? Yes. I am now coming to the realization that most strangers I run into probably think I'm pregnant (if I'm wearing a tight shirt). Most are still too nervous to come out and ask when I'm due, but it's pretty obvious at this point I think. I wore a bikini at the beach this weekend and saw some photos of myself and I was surprised at how pregnant I looked. Sometimes I catch my reflection in the car window and I'm like "Holy crap! I have a big belly!"

Sleep: I've been sleeping okay...still waking up at least once or twice a night. I have good nights and bad nights, but it's not horrible. I am noticing it's becoming more & more difficult to get comfortable.

Best moment this week:
Baby dance parties! A week ago today I felt a thump from the outside while I was laying in bed and the baby was moving a lot. The movement is still pretty light, but it's getting more and more noticeable. I feel it at least once a day now and it's so neat. Still feels like little twitches/ big kicks yet, obviously. Hanging out on the beach all weekend was also a great time!

Most Ridiculous Moment of the week: The moment when I was putting away groceries I had bought and noticed our freezer was getting too full...something had to go. Soooo, I figured it was a good time to polish off that carton of ice cream (it wasn't full of course, but still!). Then there was the 9PM hamburger run from Five is hungry!

Worst moment this week: No worst moments :)

Food cravings
: The appetite is really growing. This week I have been hungrier than ever, I swear last week I didn't think it was possible to be more hungry than I was. Apparently it is.  I told one of my co-workers that I feel like I'm constantly thinking about food and the next time that I can eat. It is impossible for me to be full for more than an hour or so. I am always snacking throughout the day and just try and make sure it's at least healthy. Yesterday I had a huge breakfast and cleaned my plate...not 20 minutes later I was thinking about a snack! Haha

2 pancakes, 2 eggs, and 2 bacon & a small cup of coffee later...still sort of hungry...

Food Aversions
: None at all. Bring on the food!

Pregnancy Symptoms:
Does being hungry count? Restless nights, and this week I have noticed some lower back aches...yayyyyyy. But other than that, feeling great & energetic.

What I miss
: The standard stuff-  a big glass of wine, sleeping through the night, not feeling like I could eat an entire horse 24/7.

What I am looking forward to
: Vegas trip in late October! I'll get to hang out with Frank since he'll be working there for about 2 weeks, and I will get to see my best friend Cathy & her husband! Soooo excited!

Upcoming appointments/events:
  Next appt is Oct 15th (my little brothers birthday!). We will finally get our anatomy ultrasound, and I cannot wait. I'll be 21 weeks.

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