Tuesday, October 23, 2012

22 weeks plus a day :)

Time is really starting to fly by! This week was pretty low-key so I won't bore everyone with the details. Baby Prokop is now about a pound or so (yay!) and is supposed to double in the next month (yikes!). That probably means the pounds will really start piling on! I'm still famished about 24 hours out of 24 hours in a day... so it is apparent that this baby needs food & lots of it. I'm still hovering at about +10 pounds, but depending on how much I've eaten that day it could easily be up to +12. I'm pretty happy with the weight gain so far....we'll see what happens towards the end!

My pre-pregnancy jeans are not really working out so much for me anymore. I still wear them every now and then with my belly band thing-a-ma-jig and it works ok...but it's just not that comfortable at all. I have one pair of maternity jeans and I've ordered one more. So, I've been wearing a lot of tights in the meantime! So much more comfortable.

The baby has rowdy days and no so rowdy days. Sometimes it freaks me out because I'll get so used to feeling the baby bouncing around in there all day and then I'll go a day or two were I don't feel much at all (compared to the rowdy days). Usually if I sit there long enough and poke around on my belly he/she gets going and lets me know everything is FINE MOM! :) Right now baby is definitely awake and having quite a time, probably because I just ate a massive bowl of cereal.

Hmm...what else...I am flying to Vegas on Thursday! So excited to get out of Alabama for a few days and enjoy the desert. I'll be there until Tuesday, so it'll be a suuuuuuper long weekend. We are treating it as a sort of mini "babymoon" since it doesn't look like the big trip is going to work out before Feb.  I can't wait to relax a few days and see my friend Cathy!

After I get back from Vegas I'll be meeting with a doula to talk about different birthing options and the way the hospital I'm delivering at handles birth. I'd still like to attempt to go natural, or at least explore/understand all the options. I think a doula will at least get me pointed in the right direction. If I like her I may just have her along for the birth too! I never thought I'd be someone who'd consider a doula, but here I am...

The chiropractor appointments are going GREAT. I feel amazing and literally have no lower back or hip pain anymore. I have noticed I am sleeping better at night and not waking up with any back or hip pain :)

22 weeks

From the front you can't really tell! Ha

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! We received our first gift off of the registry this past week & our first piece of baby gear....a pack and play!

The baby says "Thanks grandma & grandpa Prokop!"

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  1. Woohoo! That baby is growing. so cute! Have fun in Vegas! I think you are preparing for this baby perfectly :) So excited for you guys!