Tuesday, January 8, 2013

33 weeks

Yesterday marked the end of 33 weeks and the begining of week 34. I had an appointment with the Dr. yesterday, and 4D ultrasound! The baby was in hiding, so we didn't get a whole lot of good peeks, but we did get a few photos & a DVD :). They went ahead and did another anatomy scan to make sure everything was measuring correctly, which it was. They esimtated the weight to be around 5 pounds and he/she already has some chunky little cheeks going on....and a little hair! I was bald until I was over a year old, so I think it'd be pretty neat if our baby has some hair. The baby was also head down, bottom up...and no, we didn't find out the gender! The tech didn't even check this time, so it's still a complete surprise. He/she is pretty much the cutest baby ever, but of course I would say that about our own child!

This past weekend Frank & I FINALLY cleaned out the spare bedroom to organize and make room for all the baby stuff. We aren't buying nursery furniture or decorating a baby room until after the baby gets here. Part of me wants to do it now because I'm getting into the nest mode...but I know that the baby won't really be using that room much for the first few months anyway. Also, if we end up getting a call about a job for Frank I would hate to have put all that time and effort into a nursery only to have to take it all down and move it. I will just wait a few months and see what happens. If it looks like we will be here a while after the baby is born I'll go ahead and start on the nursery. For now, the baby will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room and we will just store all the baby stuff in the spare bedroom.

We are pretty much set with all the essential baby things. I can't think of anything that we couldn't do without if the baby came tomorrow, so that's good. Although, we still are clueless on names....

It's crazy seeing my belly grow so fast now. I feel bigger every week! Sleep is still getting more difficult, but I'm surviving. If that is my biggest complaint right now, I think I am doing just fine. I guess the only other complaint I have is this stupid cold that I can't get rid of! I was feeling better around Christmas and now it's back. This time it's more of a sore throat/cough/headache and it's been lingering since New Years and has been a little worse the past few days. The Dr. said a lot of people have it around here, and it has been known to linger for a month or more...ughh. I'm managing it okay, it's just more of an annoyance than anything. It's no fun when you are already having trouble sleeping and you are feeling sick too :(.

I really shouldn't complain, though. I have a super sweet, supportive husband who has been taking excellent care of me, he is doing such a good job. Especially with helping out around the house/chores/cooking when I come home from work and pass out on the couch and/or go to bed super early...We also have a little miracle who is planning on a big debut here in the next 6-7 weeks (unless we have a stubborn baby)! We are so ready to meet this little babe and start our journey as new parents, I just hope we know what we are doing! Good thing babies don't have any recollection of the first few years of their life. I knew there must be a reason for that!

33 weeks & growing

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