Monday, January 14, 2013

34 weeks!

I am being bad...really bad. Frank is working in Tampa this week so I ordered myself a large pizza and have been sitting here eating that along with some chocolate that was left over from Christmas/New Year that I have been rationing myself. Bad Olivia! It really does feel pretty much impossible to be super healthy at this point. I just want to eat...a lot...and I really don't care what it is! I'm really trying to be good, though. I think overall I have done okay this pregnancy, so I'm not going to beat myself up over having an unhealthy pizza/chocolate night.

But anyway- back to Frank being in Tampa. I was thinking to myself that this might be the last full week of me being HOME ALONE (no babies) in a really, really long time. I'm used to these little stints of a week or two, maybe once a month, where it's just me. As much as I miss him while he's gone, I actually enjoy the alone time once in a while. Frank probably won't be leaving for this long again until after the on that note, I'm going to go all out and watch girl movies and eat pizza!

34 weeks is treating me well. I can't believe I could be holding a newborn in about 6 weeks...maybe even 5 if the baby comes a little early, although I doubt I'm that lucky. Holy crap. We are so excited. I'm not to the miserable point of pregnancy yet, maybe I'll just skip all that...right now I am honestly content with waiting as long as it takes for this little one to make an appearance. I am in no hurry! I'm actually enjoying it :). I'm looking forward to labor & delivery too, as weird as that sounds. I'm hoping my body does what it's supposed to do and everything goes smoothly, we shall see. I've been having some braxton hicks contractions, or at least that's what I think they are, for the past 2 weeks or so. It doesn't hurt at all, but my whole stomach gets really, really tight for about a minute or so, and it feels a little weird. I'm hoping this is a good sign, meaning that my body is getting ready for what's about to happen. I've also been drinking red raspberry leaf tea (I plan on drinking a little more each week until I'm full term), which is supposed to also help tone all the muscles you use during labor. I've heard good things, so even if it just helps a little will be worth it.

The baby is definitely growing and I can tell he/she is getting a little squished. He/she is really starting to push those little body parts out as hard as he/she can, stretching? The baby's booty is on the top of my belly, usually a little to the left and he (I'm just going to say "he" for now, makes it easier) will push his little bum & back out suuuupppperrr hard to the point where my belly looks totally deformed and you can see this big round ball sticking out. It's pretty funny. Here's a pic of it, you can sort of see what I'm talking about:

34 weeks and slightly deformed

That's about all for 34 weeks. We are so blessed and I am so extremely thankful that everything has been going so well :)

34 weeks!

Just in case you missed it on Facebook, here is a little preview of our chunky monkey :)

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