Monday, January 28, 2013

36 weeks

One month to go, and not much to say really! Last week Frank was flying nights so we didn't really see too much of eachother since he was getting home so late. This past weekend was pretty laid back, we just hung around the house mostly, had a childbirth class, got a few things done here and there. I'm still feeling good considering we only have 4-ish weeks left. We are feeling as prepared as you can be, I suppose! I have 2 weeks left working (this week and next week). The belly is still growing and it's getting a little more difficult to move around and roll over in bed, ha! I still managed to deep clean the master bathroom yesterday including scrubbing the shower and bathtub, this was a major victory for me. I was a little sore afterwards, but it needed it BADLY. I figured if I waited a day longer I would probably never get around to it before the baby gets here. Still feeling a few braxton hicks here and there, but nothing too crazy. That's about all there is to say, we are anxious, but really loving these last few weeks hanging out, just the two of us :)

36 weeks. Please excuse the massive economy size TP in the background (no one likes to run out of TP!), we had just gotten home from a Costco trip!

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